7 Tips to See if Your Child Likes School ...


7 Tips to See if Your Child Likes School ...
7 Tips to See if Your Child Likes School ...

As a parent, you worry. That’s what parents do. They worry about things when it comes to the children they care about. If you are a parent who is worried if their child likes school or not, then you will find these 7 tips to see if your child likes school helpful.

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Talks about School Happily

Talks about School Happily Photo Credit: - Maeva -

If your child comes home from school and tells you all about it and you can see the excitement in his or her voice, then chances are, they like school. If the kid comes home and talks about it meanly, then they may not like school and you need to encourage them.


Never Complains about School

Never Complains about School Photo Credit: CiZzY2008

If you have never heard your child complain about school, then they are either hiding that they like it or they really like it. At a young age, kids usually won’t hide the fact that they don’t like school. They will try to think of any reason to stay home. If you have never heard excuses, then your child more than likely enjoys school.


Is Happy to Go to School

Is Happy to Go to School Photo Credit: GianCaRLo - Space Out

You can tell that your child is happy to go to school. When they get out of the car or leave to get on the bus, they always have a big smile on their face. They tell you that they can’t wait for school to get here. This is a great sign!


Is Happy to Go to Bed so School Will Come

Is Happy to Go to Bed so School Will Come Photo Credit: jek in the box {is on a BIG road trip}

When a child is not happy to go to school, they will complain about getting out of bed. They will tell you they do not want to go to school in that half sleepy voice. Then, when you let them stay home from school, they all of a sudden jump up and is no longer tired, that is a sign they do not like school. Now, if they never do this, then they’re happy.


Doesn’t Want School to End

Doesn’t Want School to End Photo Credit: Roxy Creations

When holidays are approaching, they complain, because they do not want school to end. During the summer break, they keep talking about school, because they like it so much. They count down the days to school because they can’t wait. They’re very anxious!


Does Homework without Complaining

Does Homework without Complaining Photo Credit: Linda Cronin - away all week

The children not only do homework without complaining, but they do it with a smile on their face. Children who like school like to do homework. If they complain about it every day, then this would be a sign they do not like school. Also, hiding homework is a sigh they do not like it.


Makes Good Grades

Makes Good Grades Photo Credit: anikarenina

Oh yeah, kids who make good grades are showing that they like school! Kids who make good grades can’t hide the fact that they like school! This is a sign that all parents like to see.

If your child is struggling with schoolwork, then you need to help them out. Maybe the only reason they don’t like school is because they find it hard. Help them. So, does your child show all the signs of liking school? Think back to when you were a kid, did you like school? Does your child show those same actions?

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