8 Ways to Encourage Your Children to Go to School ...

Sometimes, kids just do not want to go to school. Sometimes, this could be because they are getting picked on. You should sit down and talk with your child and look and see if there are signs of them being picked on. Below, I am going to give you 8 ways to encourage your child to go to school…

8. Tell Them How Fun School is

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School is fun, isn’t it? So you should tell them how fun it is. Remind them that while school work is the most important, that they will get to see their friends in school. School will pass before you know it and you’ll be wishing you were still in school. Tell them about your times in school and how much fun you had when you were their age.

7. Tell Them How Successful They Can Be

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Do they know how successful they can be if they go to school? The rate for success with kids who complete school is high. They can be a doctor, lawyer, veterinarian or whatever they like, as long as they continue going to school.

6. Ask What They Want to Be when They Grow up

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Talk with your child and ask them what they would like to be when they grow up. Explain to them that they will have more chances if they enjoy school and go to school every day.

5. Tell Them You Are Proud of Them

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Kids always need to know that their parents are proud of them. Let the child know that you are proud of them for going to school. I think this will encourage them even more.

4. Buy Them Cool School Supplies

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When I went to school, I got happy when my mom and dad got me cool school supplies! It was much better than those boring old school supplies that I didn’t like to use!

3. Buy Them Cool Clothes

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You should buy your kids cool clothes, if you can afford it. Cool clothes always makes them eager to wake up in the morning and put the clothes on. Make sure they know that they can only wear those clothes to school and nowhere else.

2. Take Them out for Dinner Where They Want Every Friday after School

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If they finish the whole week of school, then every Friday, take them to where they want to eat out. If you do not want them to eat out, then prepare their favorite meal every Friday. Yes, even if it is just chili dogs.

1. Pay Them for Good Grades

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Have you ever thought of paying your child for good grades? Say, every A they get, they earn $5.00 or however much you can afford to do. However, if they get a F, then $2.00 is subtracted from that A. Reward them for getting A’s and B’s. Money is always encouraging!

There you have 8 ways to encourage your child to go to school. Your child may enjoy school right now, but in the future, they may start to get bored of it. That is when you come in to make it fun again. So, do your kids like school?

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