10 Things You Need to Know about Your Toddler ...


10 Things You Need to Know about Your Toddler ...
10 Things You Need to Know about Your Toddler ...

Raising children is no easy task. There so much we as parents need to learn while our toddlers are learning at the same time. To bad each child wasn’t born with it’s own personal instruction manual! Because babies are different, no one set of tips work for them all. But I have put together a list of basic needs every toddler has. Hey, there’s only one shot as raising a bright, healthy, creative child. We need all the help available! Keep reading to find out my best insights.

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All Babies Need Love

All Babies Need Love Photo Credit: joyrex

You may think this is obvious, but it is most important. Your baby needs your love and affection. Don’t ever assume they “just know” because babies should feel your love with hugs, kisses, pats, and more hugs. Tell them often how much you love them. Babies need love. They need to fell it and they need to hear it.


It’s All about Me

It’s All about Me Photo Credit: joyrex

At this young age, toddlers know only one thing and it’s me. It really is all about them. They are selfish and they don’t care who knows it! It is your job as a parent to know they are only doing what comes naturally. Then, it is important for you to teach how to share, how to think of others, and how to extend themselves beyond their little world. It takes time, but it will eventually happen!


They Need Sleep

They Need Sleep Photo Credit: joyrex

Toddlers need more sleep than any other age group! They generally need about 11 hours per night. When a baby misses sleep, he will be one of two different extremes: either he will be excessively wild, or he will be cranky and mean. Make sure your little one gets plenty of rest. You will both feel better.


They Need Nutrition

They Need Nutrition Photo Credit: Todd Klassy

It is easy to give your kid a bag of chips for an afternoon snack, or pull out a box of cookies for lunch. But your baby is growing and her brain is still developing. She needs vitamins and minerals to encourage proper development, so feed her healthy. If you teach her while she is little to eat good, nutritious food, she will acquire a taste for good food and not sugar and fat.


They like to Pretend

They like to Pretend Photo Credit: shutterblog

Children love to pretend! They like to be dragons and astronauts and princesses and firemen. So let then play! Support their need of play and let them be whoever they want to be. Who knows, your little girl who loves dress up may just become the next Coco Chanel!


They Are Creative

They Are Creative Photo Credit: Kylie and Family

Some toddlers can invent and build things we look at as silly. But to them, they see a rocket, or a horse, or maybe even a motorcycle. Encourage their creativity. It’s fun for them and they aren’t even aware of the growth and maturity that is taking place in their brain while they create.


Read to Them

Read to Them Photo Credit: sweetkendi

Babies love stories! My 19-month-old little girl actually brings me books and says, “Read” or “story?” all the time. I think she would sit all day long and listen to me read to her. While she is young, I will read to her as much as I can because her vocabulary is enhanced and strengthened when I read to her.


They Are Inquisitive

They Are Inquisitive Photo Credit: mistybliss

Babies want to look at everything. They will open every drawer and door that is easily accessible to them. They will taste EVERYTHING from rocks to books to dirt and grass. They will touch anything they see. Yes, they get into everything. It’s a natural desire. This is how they learn about the world around them.


They Need Your Constant Attention

They Need Your Constant Attention Photo Credit: jaime m

No baby should ever be left alone. For the very reason they like to explore and discover so much, they know no danger. They need your protection and watch care. Don’t ever simply assume they will be okay. Keep your eye on them, always!


They Need to Be Told No

They Need to Be Told No Photo Credit: phitar

As hard as this may be for some mommies you must tell your baby “no” constantly. I know, you don’t like to be so negative, but this truly is for their good. There are a few out there who think it’s wise to let the child learn for himself not to play with a door. They say, “Once they pinch their finger the first time, they will know not to play with the door.” But don’t be that way! Teach them “no” and tell them “Boo-boo.” Although they may not understand now, eventually they will learn.

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