10 Things You Need to Know about Your Toddler ...

Raising children is no easy task. There so much we as parents need to learn while our toddlers are learning at the same time. To bad each child wasnโ€™t born with itโ€™s own personal instruction manual! Because babies are different, no one set of tips work for them all. But I have put together a list of basic needs every toddler has. Hey, thereโ€™s only one shot as raising a bright, healthy, creative child. We need all the help available! Keep reading to find out my best insights.

1. All Babies Need Love

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You may think this is obvious, but it is most important. Your baby needs your love and affection. Donโ€™t ever assume they โ€œjust knowโ€ because babies should feel your love with hugs, kisses, pats, and more hugs. Tell them often how much you love them. Babies need love. They need to fell it and they need to hear it.

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