10 Things Every New Parent Should Know ...

As a parent, I have many tips up my sleeve. If you are already a parent, you probably see that some things are not so easy and babies do not come with an instruction manual. I am writing a blog on 10 things every new parent should know to help you out. Feel free to voice your opinion after you have read the blog.

10. How do I Find the Perfect Birthday Present for under Ten Dollars?

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Plan ahead of time and grab a game or toy whenever you see one on sale, even if there is not a Birthday coming up. Stocking up ahead of time is going to save you energy, money and time. You could also think cheap, yet fab. Creative ideas such as action figures, craft kits and plastic watches will be adored. For those older kids, a good book will do. Surf the web and I am sure you can find some good stuff.

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