10 Tips for Being a Better Parent ...


10 Tips for Being a Better Parent ...
10 Tips for Being a Better Parent ...

The fact of the matter is that we are all constantly striving to be a better parent to our children. Yet, despite all of the information out there, the child does not come with a step by step instruction manual. We have books like “Parenting for Dummies,” but reading them will not make you a better parent. In order to be a better parent, you have to take action and do it today. I have 2 kids, a little girl (5 years old) and a little boy (3 years old). I think I am a good parent, but at the same time, I do make mistakes and I always think there is room for improvement. We only get to raise our kids one time so here are my 10 tips for being a better parent...

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I can't stress how important smiling is especially in the morning. How you start your day is pretty important. Help your children start their day out cheerfully, every day. When you wake them up for school, do it in a singing voice along with a smile upon your face. Sure, you may be irritated and stressed out about work, but don’t show it.


Make Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day especially when it comes to growing children. Help your child's day start well by providing him with a healthy breakfast each morning. By doing this, your child is going to have better focus as they will be going to school with a full stomach. You want to make them healthy and this is the way to go.


Be Thoughtful

When you were a child, were your parents thoughtful? Did they show you how much you meant to them? Irrespective of whether they did or no, do this for your children. Try packing their lunch with a love note or a treat they love eating. Drop something off at the school office for them. Bake their favorite cookies or brownies just because... Surprises are always good gestures to show your child how much you care about them.


Be There when They Arrive Home

One of the best things a parent could do is be there when the children get home. Personally, I like picking my daughter up from school. I provide the transportation for her. I am able to do this because I work at home and have my own hours. Understandably, a lot of you are working moms and can't do the same. In which case, I'd suggest making more time for them during the weekends.


Ask How Their Day Was

When they get home from school, show interest in the child. As them how their day was. When they speak, really listen to them. Part of being a good parent involves knowing when there is something that your child is not telling you.


Help Them with Homework

If you really want them to succeed and you want to be a good parent, then help them with their homework. Make sure your child feels confident about themselves, educationally as well as in other parts of their life. You will not know if they are struggling, unless you have an active interest.


Make Dinner

Not only should you make dinner for your child, but you should sit down at the same table and eat it with them. This will help you become a better parent. It will also ensure that you know where the child is and that they are doing good. You will also know that they are eating the right foods.


Spend Time Together as a Family

Spending time as a family is important. For me, I like playing video games with my daughter as well as ball games outside or maybe even a walk on the beach with her. Try doing what you children want to do occasionally. Have fun with them! You have no idea what fun games their little minds can cook up.


Tuck Them in at Night

Each night, tuck them into bed. Even teenagers should be tucked in and by that I don't mean do a whole routine with songs, stories, prayers or anything, just take a couple of minutes to say goodnight and turn out the lights.


Keep Them Safe

You definitely have to keep the children safe. There are so many child abductions that could have been prevented if the parent took that extra time to watch their children. When my child is at home, I never let her out of my sight and I always hold her hand in public. You should also make sure your home is safe for the child and don’t leave him/her along with the family pet as the child could aggravate the pet.

There are many other tips for being a better parent. I recommend you putting your hardest into it. Don’t think of it as a job, think of it as something you like to do, because it should be just that. Being a parent is very rewarding, trust me. You get to see everything from their first smile and beyond. How are you a good parent? What do you do every day to be a better one?

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Thank you for these wonderful tips. This is such an important article every parent should read it.

Great list!!!!

Hi to allwomenstalk..i love this website very much to the extent i started my own blogging.Thanks for the inspiration and motivation provided by you.

Sheila, that is so sad. I hope someone comes up with some sort of a pill for men (which women can administer to them discretely)....to make them less "fruitful", as they are the contributors to this overpopulation problem which leads to abandonment of children. It's not fair that so many couples want to have children so badly, and can't conceive, yet others have too many to handle....sigh..

Very important parenting tips. My heart sinks, when I see children being abused physically or mentally by their parents, or anyone else for that matter. I just read ab article about a 3year old girl, who was found abandoned and crying for her mommy in the public bathroom. Such a poor thing, this must be a deep scar for her for the rest of her life. Is till have not heard if any family recognized her and claimed her. Makes me sick to my stomach!!!

I'll keep those things in mind, for when the time comes that I become a mummy!! :) I will send this to my mum though, although she can't be a better parent than she is!! Loads of love mum xxx

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