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8 Ways to Motivate Your Children to Help with Chores ...

By Melanie

It's time to get those kids a mop or broom and put them to work! You're kids might take chores as being fun, but there is ways to motivate your child to doing the chores they are assigned to do. You might consider trying some of my tips to get them in the mood to clean. Look at my new blog 8 Ways to Motivate Your Children to Help with Chores . . .

8 Allowance Raise

Allowance RaisePhoto Credit: jenn_jenn

Come on everyone needs a raise for hard work! Put your kids to work and giving them now reward is not the way to go. They will think it’s a boring job and why do it. This isn't a form of bribing, more like an achievement of earning more money a week or month. I reward my little girl with allowance raises with each chore she does. However, you need to be smarter than the average bear and raise the allowance to the price you can afford.

7 Turn on Some Music

Turn on Some MusicPhoto Credit: macprohawaii

Don't forget about turning on music when your kid cleans. You should always motivate them by getting to dance while they do it. They like to be happy when they clean and will do what needs to be done while being happy.

6 Clean Alongside Them

Clean Alongside ThemPhoto Credit: J0R63

When you ask them to do their chores, they might say oh man, or darn it. It's time to put the gloves on and make them happy about cleaning. Tell them you will help. Sometimes it's faster to do the work together. This also allows them to say my parents are helpful and will help me with whatever I need done. Although, try not to do all the work while they sit down, this defeats the purpose of chores.

5 Reward Them with a Trip

Reward Them with a TripPhoto Credit: Cuba Gallery

All kids like the park or the beach! When they are done cleaning, take them out to the park or even the beach. This is very effective for my child, because she loves the beaches. The reward is sometimes worth the hard work and kids always like being rewarded for doing good.

4 Make Their Favorite Food

Make Their Favorite FoodPhoto Credit: zobeiry

It's time to get to baking! Ask them what type of food they want and make it known to them you're going to cook what they want for doing their chores. They always want cookies or their favorite dishes they like for dinner.

3 Laugh and Play

Laugh and PlayPhoto Credit: ~*Gillian*~

As you clean beside your child, try to laugh and play. When doing dishes splash clean water on each other. You might make a bigger mess, but you can teach your kid to be happy and clean at the same time. Never be negative, because that takes the fun out of everything and makes them regret doing work.

2 Buy Them Something Expensive

Buy Them Something ExpensivePhoto Credit: Josh Holmes Photography

When I say, buy them something expensive, I mean buy them a neat toy or a gaming system. Although, don't do this every time you have them do a chore, but you can tell them that they have to do the chores for the rest of the month and no complaining to get it done. When I tell my child this, she turns gets the job done correctly and fast.

1 A Trip to the Zoo

When you want a chore don't right and fast, you should tell them you will reward them by taking them to the zoo. The Zoo is the number one place that all kids like to go. My husband and I take my daughter to the zoo to reward her for big chores. This helps her get excited when cleaning and gets the job done.

All kids have chores as a way to teach them responsibility and a way to earn their money or extra stuff. I hope my list of 8 Ways to Motivate Your Children to Help with Chores helps you with your kid. Do you do this for your child to get them ready to clean?

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