7 Things to Teach Your Children ...


7 Things to Teach Your Children ...
7 Things to Teach Your Children ...

Being a parent, I had to learn a lot of new things, including those things you simply need to teach your children as early on as possible. This blog is especially good for new parents, since parenting does not come with a rule book. But it does come with a blog, right? Just kidding. Well, let's get on to those** important things to teach your children**:

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About Strangers

About Strangers Photo Credit: Nelson Foto | Shutter to Think

I say it is good to teach your children not to talk to strangers. Since children will copy what you do, it would be a good idea if you practice this method yourself when they are around. If they see you talking to strangers, then they will do the same. Don't make them think that the whole world is filled with Disney characters.


Not to Touch Outlets

Not to Touch Outlets Photo Credit: sam j rollo

I know, this may be obvious, but if you do not tell your small children, they will do it. You should teach your children not to put things in electrical outlets. Tell them what will happen if they do.


To Buckle up

To Buckle up Photo Credit: noahstone

Do you know how many people I see putting their children in the car without buckling them up? Driving off with the child standing up? Wow. The other day, I saw a baby up front, in a vehicle, without a restraint and to make matters worse, they were cutting in front of people, driving recklessly. This is against the law, not only is it against the law, it is not safe. Teach your children to buckle up and do not move until they do!


To Brush Their Teeth

To Brush Their Teeth Photo Credit: mavieenpolaroid

You should definitely teach your children to brush your teeth. Make it a routine. Allow them to brush their teeth right next to you when you are brushing your own.


What to do when Someone Tries to Take Them

What to do when Someone Tries to Take Them Photo Credit: patrickjoust

Teach your children what to do if someone tries to take them. Teach them to do whatever they can, kick, bite, hit, whatever it takes. Also, they need to have a strong voice and scream as loud as they can. Never give up.


To Dial 911

To Dial 911 Photo Credit: robinsonsmay

It is a good idea to teach your child to dial 911 and when to dial it. I have read many stories on children who saved parents lives by dialing 911. I have faith that my little girl would know what to do as well.



In this day and age, people need to start teaching their children respect. My daughter is respectful, it seems to be her nature as she's a sweetheart. She comes home and tells me about kids and the dirty words that say and how mean they are to the teachers. Teach your children to have respect and manners.

Those are 7 things to teach your children. Of course, if you have a religion, you may want to teach them that as well, but don't be too hard or strict on them with religion, it will only push them away. When they are older, let them make their own decisions on this. Do you have anything to add to this list?

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