8 Ways to Cheer up Your Kids ...


8 Ways to Cheer up Your Kids ...
8 Ways to Cheer up Your Kids ...

Children love to play and be in the center of other people’s attention but there are times when they get depressed and start to cry or just stay in a corner without talking to anyone. These are times when we need to cheer up our kids a little, there are some useful ways to do this…

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Play a Computer Game

Play a Computer Game Photo Credit: Tojosan

They like to play multiplayer fun games a lot, if you invite them to a match one on one there is big chance to regain a good mood for your child, it is hard for them to refuse such a challenge. Same thing works for video games of any kind.


Play a Board or a Card Game

Play a Board or a Card Game Photo Credit: [¯Ô¯] Andy C

Old games that we played in our childhood can work for a our little ones too, so find a board game in the old closet and you will gain their respect, these games are a great source of fun even for adults, so what do you think about non-adults?


Bring Them a Cute Animal

Bring Them a Cute Animal Photo Credit: UnforeseeableNature

Usually a little rabbit or a puppy should do the trick, they are the funniest of all because they resemble very much to cartoon characters. Having an animal is also beneficial for the kid’s spirit and mood.


Build a Tent

Build a Tent Photo Credit: maapu

One of the most cheering up events in a family home is constructing a tent, everyone knows that a kid would be absolutely thrilled about the idea. Take a blanket and put it over an empty table and let an opening, then tell your angel to bring his toys and get them inside. You will keep him busy for hours this way.


Buy Them a Surprise Candy

Buy Them a Surprise Candy Photo Credit: princess_of_llyr

For example a chocolate egg with a toy in it is also an intense joy for them, or a surprise box with a scary clown.


Watch Cartoon Together

Watch Cartoon Together Photo Credit: bengt-re

Animations and child movies make a kid happy for sure, nowadays there is high diversity in this kind of shows. Pick good shows to watch, in this way you will also defend your child from violent and inappropriate television shows.


Make Some Cookies

Make Some Cookies Photo Credit: Andovercookiemama

Cook some sweets for your little treasure and make sure it contains chocolate, sugar, milk and maybe candy. But don’t do this job alone, invite the little one to help you, you will give your child this way many hours of entertainment.


Make a Bubble Bath

Make a Bubble Bath Photo Credit: Krikit ?

Put your baby in the bath tub with lots of floating toys like ducks and ships and fill the water with bubbles of soap. Your little angel could stay there and have lots of fun for many hours, if the water temperature is maintained.

Children are bombarded with all types of emotions, some of them still unknown for them, being sad it’s part of their maturing process, so we must let them express their feelings but not until they reach the extreme, if they are depressed we must act and cheer them up. Or instead we must be opened for talk, to encourage them. Actually, weren’t we like them in the past?

Top Photo Credit: Kerstin Martin

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