7 Tips on Working with Autistic Kids ...

Having the privilege to work with kids who have Autism is something that I truly enjoy. The kids I’ve worked with are amazing little people and they each have so much to teach others. I’ve listed 7 tips on working with Autistic kids and each one was gathered while working with a variety of children. Many people are afraid of working with children who are unable to express themselves, but I find kids with Autism to be able to communicate perfectly. It may take some time, but eventually you’ll understand the signs they use to let you know exactly what they want.

7. Repetition is Helpful with Multiple Aspects

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While most people might get bored with repetition, kids with Autism actually learn best from repetition. Whether you are working on teaching a new skill, modifying a current behavior, or improving communication, doing the same thing over and over again is actually helpful. Doing something multiple times helps the actions become more of a habit, thus making it easier to remember.

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