7 Tips on Being the Perfect Dad ...

By Melanie

7 Tips on Being the Perfect Dad ...

So many fathers want to be perfect so that their child or children enjoy spending time with them and they want to raise their children so that they are happy in life. Here are 7 tips on being the perfect dad.

7 Enjoy Yourself

Enjoy Yourself Photo Credit: idreamofcaffeine

Whilst it is important for you to be there for yourself it is also important for you to have your own life, to enjoy yourself and be happy. If you are happy then this is likely to be reflected in your behaviour and your child is likely to be happier too. It is okay to go out and enjoy yourself with friends or work colleagues, and to take a break away from the family.

6 Be Fun but at the Same Time Set the Rules

Be Fun but at the Same Time Set the Rules Photo Credit: WilWheaton

You want to be fun so that your child enjoys spending time with you but at the same time you need to set some rules so that your child knows how to behave. For example, you do not want them constantly having temper tantrums or kicking and swearing at you. There needs to be some ground rules in place so that your child learns how to behave correctly.

5 Remain Flexible in Your Life

Remain Flexible in Your Life Photo Credit: kennymuz

Sometimes with work and other commitments it can be really difficult to maintain a balance but always try to remain flexible in your life. This is so that if your child needs you they will always know that you are there for you. In my opinion the chances are that they just like knowing the fact that daddy is there for them.

4 When Your Child Falls Pick Them up

When Your Child Falls Pick Them up Photo Credit: Silvia de Luque

No matter how old your son or daughter is they will always be your baby, you will always want to protect them but sometimes you are unable to do so. When they fall be there to pick them up, be non-judgemental and do not tell them “I told you so”. Have your shoulder ready for if they want to cry on you.

3 Put Their Needs First

Put Their Needs First Photo Credit: saviorjosh

Once you become a parent you often loose a lot of selfishness that you once held, it suddenly shifts from being about you to all about them. A good father will always put their children’s needs before their own, sometimes your child may not see this, for example when you have to go to work instead of staying with them. However, in the long run you have their best interests at heart.

2 Show Them Love Frequently

Show Them Love Frequently Photo Credit: clive_reedman

It is said that actions speak louder than words so show your children just how much you love them, this is particularly important with younger children who do not understand what the words “I love you” mean. This can be shown by spending time with your child, hugging them, playing them and just generally being there for them.

1 Set Aside Time to Be with Your Child or Children

Set Aside Time to Be with Your Child or Children Photo Credit: TomLA

In my opinion this is so important, often children do not want expensive gifts or money they just want to spend quality time with their dad. Try to set aside as much time as possible to spend with your child or children or family, this will mean a lot to them.

There you have 7 tips on being the perfect dad. You will probably find that even if you try some or all of these tips that you still want to be better somehow, in my opinion this is normal and you should just try to be yourself and fun around your children.

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