7 Great Ways to Display Your Child's Artwork ...

Along with back-to-school time comes hundreds of pieces of your child’s best artwork in every size and shape you can imagine, from the autumn leaf rubbing collage to the crayon-drawn or watercolor family tree. How is a mom supposed to display all of this top-notch artwork without resorting to a constant fridge rotation? I’ve been looking for unique ways to display my own daughter’s artwork, and I’ve found a lot of great ideas! Here’s my list of 7 great ways to display your child’s artwork, so she’ll be encouraged to try more, and you won’t have to worry about clutter!

1. Flower Art Cable

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Price: $39.00 at potterybarnkids.com
Hang one end of this cable with a pretty flower at one end of the room, then the other with another flower at the other end, and in between, use the clever little clips to display your little girl’s precious works of art! The flowers match with just about any décor, and the clips-and-cable is a brilliant, easy way to display all sizes and types of art!

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