10 Parenting Tips Every Parent Should Know ...


10 Parenting Tips Every Parent Should Know ...
10 Parenting Tips Every Parent Should Know ...

As parents, we have all made mistakes. Who here is a parent and has never made a mistake? We have also all seen other parents make mistakes. In some of those cases, the mistakes made are due to poor judgment or lack of information. Parenting does not come with an instruction manual,it comes from experience and by observing like-minded parents. Hopefully, over time, your judgment is going to improve. Below, I am going to give you ten things that every parent should know...

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You Can Never Spoil a Child with Love

You Can Never Spoil a Child with Love Photo Credit: Andrew Jalali

No matter what you do or what you have heard, there is no such thing as giving a child too much love and attention. So many new parents hear people telling them that they are spoiling the baby by holding them too much or by responding to every need they have. You cannot spoil a child with love. You can only spoil a child if you give them stuff for the time and attention you are not able to give them.


Be Responsive to the Cries Your Child Makes

Be Responsive to the Cries Your Child Makes Photo Credit: hkvam

You should respond to your child’s cries. Despite what you may have heard, your baby does not need to exercise those lungs. She does not need to learn how to soothe herself. What she needs is a parent to understand why she is crying. This is her way of communication that she needs you. It is important that you give her a sense of security.


What Does Discipline Mean?

What Does Discipline Mean? Photo Credit: Little Nora

Discipline means to teach. New parents worry about disciplining their child. Often, when they say discipline, they mean punishing or spanking. However, this is not what that word means. Discipline means to teach. This is what parents need to do more than ever. They need to guide and teach their children. We do not expect a kindergartener to learn calculus, it is important that you know and understand what age appropriate behavior is.


Solid Food is Not Recommended before Six Months

Solid Food is Not Recommended before Six Months Photo Credit: shutterblog

Over the years, the recommendation for solid food has changed. Today, experts are telling us not to feed our child solid foods until they are at least six months of age. This should come along with a slow introduction of solid foods, starting with a starchy baby cereal like rice, and then baby food vegetables.


You Can Safely Sleep with Your Baby

You Can Safely Sleep with Your Baby Photo Credit: phitar

There is a lot of publicity behind sleeping in the same bed with the baby. They are labeling this as being dangerous. If you follow a couple of simple guidelines, sleeping with your baby in the same bed can be safer than putting the crib in a separate room.


Obesity is Going to Be a Big Health Problem

Obesity is Going to Be a Big Health Problem Photo Credit: KASIACZEK

In this generation, it has been said that obesity is going to be the biggest health problem facing our children. They say that fat just so happens to be the new tobacco. This means that it is going to have a big impact on the next generation. You need to give your child a head start on making the best choices in order to avoid obesity.


Children Need Nature

Children Need Nature Photo Credit: JennKstep

When we were kids, we climbed trees, played in the dirt, picked berries, built forts, caught some bugs and had a good time. We learned all about nature. Today, parents have a tendency to keep their kids in the house. Then, you have parents who let children roam around outside on their own. I do not recommend this either. I do, however, recommend you going out with your child and spending some time exploring nature with them.


Hold Your Child’s Hand

Hold Your Child’s Hand Photo Credit: ABD AL-RAHMAN AL-TERKIT

I cannot count how many parents I see letting their children walk in parking lots and stores without holding their kid’s hands, let alone paying attention to them. What is wrong with this picture? At any given moment, a car could run them over or a stranger could take them. Please watch your children.


Don’t Leave Your Child Alone with the Dog

Don’t Leave Your Child Alone with the Dog Photo Credit: corbata1982

Yes, I know, Rover is a great dog. He gives a lot of love and care and he is small. He’s the perfect family dog. Wait… that does not mean that you can leave your child alone with him! The child could easily hurt the dog, without even meaning to. The dog could accidently hurt your child, without even meaning to. This is certainly not a good idea. So, no matter how good your dog is, do not leave your child unattended with Rover.


Predators do Exist

Predators do Exist Photo Credit: holiday_jenny

If you see any strange activity, then by all means, get your child away from them. Child molesters and killers are not something from the past. Parents have a tendency not to acknowledge this. They are walking by our children every day and we do not even realize this. That is why in number 3, I told you to hold your child’s hands. Also, check your state government website to find a list of child sex offenders in your neighborhood... it's important to be informed!

As a parent myself, I will admit that I have made mistakes, but they were not mistakes that cost a life. It is important that you pay attention to your child and do not make the mistake of taking your eyes off of them or not holding their hand. Those little things could turn into big things. This is not advice from someone else, this is advice coming from me. I hope you take these tips into mind. Do you have any tips that would help parents?

Top Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

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I just checked the sex offender registry about a week ago for the neighborhood my little sister lives in, and I was shocked. There are like 10 sex offenders charged with crimes against children and rape within a three mile radius. And that's not even including all of the sex offenders charged with minor things, like sex in public and what not.

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