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7 Tips to See if Your Child is Picked on in School ...

By Aprille

Parents worry about their children – I have told you this a million times before. As a parent, I would be worried about my child when they are in school. I would wonder if they are being picked on or maybe even if they are picking on other kids in school. Being picked on as a child can equal to mental problems. Are you waiting for 7 tips to see if your child is picked on in school?

7 Does the Child Talk about Friends?

Does the Child Talk about Friends?Photo Credit: ~Phamster~

When children get picked on in school, they tend to have no friends. If you do not hear your child talking about friends from school, then this may be a problem. You should watch for these symptoms. Ask them about their friends and why they never talk to them.

6 They do Not Want to Go to School

They do Not Want to Go to SchoolPhoto Credit: Weewie ©

When a child is picked on in school, they do not want to go to school. They make up every excuse in the book that they possibly can to avoid going to school. School is definitely not the first thing on their list.

5 They Bring Home Bad Grades

They Bring Home Bad GradesPhoto Credit: pjern

This may not be your child’s fault at all. The child may be picked on so much that it causes him or her to do poorly in school. If your child constantly brings home bad grades, I suggest you setting up a conference with the teacher and seeing what is going on.

4 Do They Come Home with Torn, Damaged or Missing Pieces from Clothes or Books?

Do They Come Home with Torn, Damaged or Missing Pieces from Clothes or Books?Photo Credit: Phian :)

If you have noticed this before, then your child may be getting picked on in school. When you ask what happens, do they stutter a bit and tell you it’s no big deal? When a child is picked on, they don’t like telling their parents. They think they’re a failure. Get to the bottom of this problem before it gets worse.

3 The Child Has Trouble Sleeping at Night

The Child Has Trouble Sleeping at NightPhoto Credit: anitajuneparker

Not only does the child have trouble sleeping during the night, but they wake up with bad dreams. This is something you should watch for. When a child is being picked on, it ruins their sleep habits and they are so busy worrying about the next day that they cannot fall asleep at night.

2 Has a Loss of Appetite

Has a Loss of AppetitePhoto Credit: Cuba Gallery -

Have you noticed a loss of appetite in your child since they have started going to school? Then you need to sit down and have a heart to heart talk with the child. If they’re not being picked on in school, then a loss of appetite could be a sign of something else they’re worrying about.

1 Depressed

DepressedPhoto Credit: NaPix -- Hmong Soul

Does the child look sad and depressed every time they come home from school? Do they not want to talk about it and tell you to leave them alone? Coming home with a sad, depressed look after school is the number one sign to look for, especially if they have tears in their eyes.

Being picked on in school causes problems and I know this one by experience. It seems that all the good kids in school get picked on. At least, that is how it was when I went to school. Open up the conversation with your child and share with them your experience in school. Ask them if they’re being bullied and tell them that the other kids are jealous. Find a way to make them smile! Do you think your child gets picked on in school?

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