Top 8 Ideas to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten ...


Top 8 Ideas to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten ...
Top 8 Ideas to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten ...

When it comes to kindergarten and preparing your child for this time, it could be hard to do. You need to get them prepared for kindergarten, because this is the first learning stages they go through without their parents. Let me give you Top 8 ideas to prepare your child for kindergarten…

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Numbers Photo Credit: stitchindye

As soon as they start kindergarten, they want the kids to learn how to count. You can teach them to count by making a song or counting in front of them. When they turn four or five they are ready to start the basic first numbers to count. You can teach them the numbers through flash cards or words. Both of these ways can help them read them on paper and say them aloud.



ABC's Photo Credit: mamabrarian

Another thing they will learn is the ABC's. You can get them prepared for this, by simply showing them flash cards and saying them in front of them. You also can buy coloring books that have ABC's to color. This will help them learn what the letter looks like. When you say them aloud, you help them learn how to say it.


Sounding out Words

Sounding out Words Photo Credit: dtinc8888

When you talk to your child, you should always find sight words and sound them out. They will learn the basic sight words like cat, dog, where or even bat. These words are only some that they learn and they need to know how they sound. Each letter has a different sound and way to say it. So get to practicing!


Rhyming Books

Rhyming Books Photo Credit: cwalsh415

Kindergarten isn't easy anymore and consist of worksheets and hands on activities. They need to learn how to rhyme. You can get them on their way with rhyming books. You can find many cat in the hat books that have rhyming words. At the ages of preparing them, they need to be entertained as you read the book and rhyming is one of them.


Teach Them to Be Good and Listen

Teach Them to Be Good and Listen Photo Credit: senthil_524

Preparing them for to be good and listen to another person could be hard to do. You need to sit down with them and explain to them the rules of school. Many kids go to kindergarten and find themselves in the office with a call to the parents. To avoid this you should always teach your child to be good and respect everyone.


Teach Them to Play Well with Others

Teach Them to Play Well with Others Photo Credit: zaqi

It's hard to teach your child to play good with others, when they haven’t been around other kids. You can teach them to be good with others, by taking them to your friend's house that has kids. Do not leave them their by themselves. Just supervise and make sure they play nice. Once you do this once or twice a week they learn how to play nice. This all depends if the kids are nice to each other.


Work on Workbooks

Work on Workbooks Photo Credit: zudan

When it comes to time that school is needed for your child, you should have them doing work books for kindergarten. Most kindergarten teachers will tell you what they are working on throughout the year. This will help you figure out what is in store for your child in school. Have them work on it before hand and they should catch on easy.


Parents Being There is a Major Help

Parents Being There is a Major Help Photo Credit: sfPhotocraft

You as a parent have a responsibility to get them ready for school and they always look up for you for help. You need to be there to help them before school and throughout the whole lifetime of their schooling. Our children learn from our actions and we are their role models. It's very important to teach them the good things about life and how to handle the situation. Kindergarten is the first step to school and after that there are many more years to come.

With our knowledge, I hope you take it in consideration to take our tips seriously and teach our children to grow and be smart. They are our future and what will make the following future before them. Did this help your child in anyway?

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