7 Reasons Why Kids Misbehave ...


7 Reasons Why Kids Misbehave ...
7 Reasons Why Kids Misbehave ...

Kids act up. Sometimes, they do it so much that it will make you want to pull all of your hair out. Sometimes, your hair starts to turn grey at a young age and it makes you wonder if it’s because of the kids acting up all the time. I have a good temper and do not let things bother me, so when a kid misbehaves, they do not get the reaction they were hoping for. Below, I am going to give you 7 reasons why kids misbehave.

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To Get Their Way

To Get Their Way Photo Credit: bleueyed_beauty

We all did it, right? When you were a child and you could not get your way, what did you do? You probably misbehaved. Did it ever work? Then don’t let your child get their way when they misbehave.


To Get Attention

To Get Attention Photo Credit: Brett L.

Children will sometimes act up just to get your attention. When this happens, you can redirect that bad behavior. Whatever you do, do not let the child see that they are getting your attention. Ignore them on that part.


Because They Are Tired

Because They Are Tired Photo Credit: lawdawg

What does a kid do when they start rubbing their eyes? They start to get grumpy. It is a known fact that when kids are tired they are not themselves. So, the solution to this one would be to put the little one down for a nap. They may fight you and insist that they are not tired, but when their little heads hit that pillow, you’ll see just how tired they are.


They Have Bad Influences

They Have Bad Influences Photo Credit: WhosPlayin?

It is a known fact that children learn from others. If they have been spending time with other children and have all of a sudden started to show bad behavior, then this could be the cause of it.


A Sign Your Child is Growing up

A Sign Your Child is Growing up Photo Credit: RINAJO.DK

I know this is a hard one, but it is a big sign that the child is growing up. Sometimes, this could be your child trying to branch away from you and be independent, even though they are nowhere close to being independent.


They Feel Bad

They Feel Bad Photo Credit: fracmeister

When Kids feel bad about themselves, it could be because of bad grades, someone picking on them or so on, then they will start to show poor behavior at home. If this is the case, then you need to sit down and speak with your child. Explain to them that they are a good kid and you can help them.


They Feel Fear

They Feel Fear Photo Credit: Makurosu

Children can sometimes feel fear even when they are not in a bad situation. Therefore, they start to show bad behavior. Sit down, talk to them and explain to them that everything will be alright. Tell them you have everything taken care of.

There you have 7 reasons why kids misbehave. Kids can be complicated, but you need to help them get over the bad attitude as soon as it starts to show. How have you dealt with this problem in the past?

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no, there brain is not nearly fully developed. Children are just trying to understand the world. They normally can not control it.

Sometimes they may have psychological issue.

sum up with this... (via Twitter)

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