7 Reasons Teenagers Want to Drop out of School ...

I understand that there are some teenagers dropping out of school. I’m not here to judge and while I do not get too personal on here, I am in no shoes to tell you that you’re bad for dropping out of school. You see, I personally understand that teenagers have their own reasons. In the end, I want you to tell me the reason you or someone you knew dropped out of highschool.

7. A Baby is Coming into the World

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Many teenagers who get pregnant decide that it is best if they drop out of school. This is so that they can be there for the baby and take care of him or her. I know that many of you are going to go against me on this one, but that’s okay. My opinion: I think this is much better than having an abortion just so you can finish school and be successful in your life. What is “successful” anyways? If you turn out to be good mother who is a good provider for her baby, then I think that is successful.

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