7 Reasons Teenagers Want to Drop out of School ...


7 Reasons Teenagers Want to Drop out of School ...
7 Reasons Teenagers Want to Drop out of School ...

I understand that there are some teenagers dropping out of school. I’m not here to judge and while I do not get too personal on here, I am in no shoes to tell you that you’re bad for dropping out of school. You see, I personally understand that teenagers have their own reasons. In the end, I want you to tell me the reason you or someone you knew dropped out of highschool.

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A Baby is Coming into the World

A Baby is Coming into the World Photo Credit: Eythor

Many teenagers who get pregnant decide that it is best if they drop out of school. This is so that they can be there for the baby and take care of him or her. I know that many of you are going to go against me on this one, but that’s okay. My opinion: I think this is much better than having an abortion just so you can finish school and be successful in your life. What is “successful” anyways? If you turn out to be good mother who is a good provider for her baby, then I think that is successful.


They Got a Job

They Got a Job Photo Credit: when i was a bird

Some teenagers drop out of highschool because they got a job offer. My opinion: that job offer better be real good if you are dropping out of highschool and you better think it through before you do so. Who knows, maybe it will be successful!


To Take Care of Their Parents

To Take Care of Their Parents Photo Credit: © noborders (running...)

There are teenagers who drop out of highschool in order to take care of their parents because they become sick and not able to take care of themselves. My opinion: If you do this for your parents, then you must really care about them. You can always get your GED in the future, I would do the same thing.


They’re in Love

They’re in Love Photo Credit: I Nancy

Teenagers have a tendency to drop out of school because they are in love and want to get married. Yeah? This happens more when the guy or girl they are with has already graduated from school. My opinion: if you have really thought it through and you have backup plans and a job, then why not? You can get your GED.


35% Said They Were Failing

35% Said They Were Failing Photo Credit: chris8800

Thirty five percent of teens dropped out of school because they said they were failing. My opinion: Instead of dropping out of school just because you are failing, why don’t you at least try to pick up your grades first?


Lack of Family Support and Encouragement

Lack of Family Support and Encouragement Photo Credit: billyhunt

I know that there are some kids that come from a family who is too caught up on themselves to understand what their child is doing. They are too busy drinking, going to parties and living their own life and they do not give their child support. My opinion: I know you need support on this one and some kids are just led astray because they were not able to choose their parents. Maybe quitting, getting a job and living on your own would be the best idea. Then, when things mellow down, maybe you can get your GED and go to college. They offer online college now!



Bullying Photo Credit: Leonard John Matthews

In some cases, bullying is the issue. Dropping out of highschool because of a bully may not seem legit to some, but this is different for those that are experiencing it. Who wants to be stuffed inside of a locker or beat up in the restroom? Who wants to feel embarrassed every day they are in school? Sometimes, even the smartest children drop out of school because of this. My opinion: If you are being bullied, speak to someone you can trust and explain it to them. The guidance counselor will listen. Did you know you can go to high school online? Speak to your guidance counselor and see if they can help you set this up.

There you have the top 7 reasons teenagers drop out of school. Remember, you should not be in a hurry to get into the real world, because it’s not all it is made up to be. However, I know that sometimes you can help it and you should know that everything happens for a reason. What is the reason you or your friend dropped out?

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I think it's more irresponsible to have a baby that you're too immature to properly raise than it is to wait until you have a good education and income to have children.

i agree with sharon and also for looking after their parents, even if their sick and can't care for themselves, you should get an education so that you can get a good job, so that you could properly look after them and even so i dont think they would/or should want you to dropp out for them. after all its likely they will die before you and when they do (if it was me)they should be happy for you. but yes if it was serious and they were critically ill then i probally couldn't stand seeing them like that either. but still look after yourself before you care for others :)

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