8 Reasons Not to Have a Friend with Benefits ...


8 Reasons Not to Have a Friend with Benefits ...
8 Reasons Not to Have a Friend with Benefits ...

I will tell you right now, I am against this thing called "friend with benefits." I mean, seriously, who actually does this stuff? I guess if the both of you have just stepped out of an unhealthy relationship, it may be okay, but there are some reasons I can think of as to why you should not have a friend with benefits. Below, I am going to give you 8 reasons not to have a friend with benefits.

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It Can Be Emotional

It Can Be Emotional Photo Credit: Contra Costa Times

Are you ready to deal with the emotions that you could end up having? Are you ready to be compared to some other guy or some other girl? Having a friend with benefits can put you on an emotional rollercoaster that you never wanted to go into.


Your Friend with Benefits Will Be Allowed to Go out and Have Sex with Someone else

Your Friend with Benefits Will Be Allowed to Go out and Have Sex with Someone else Photo Credit: Kim Naumann - Curiouser & Curiouser Designs

Not only will they be allowed to have sex with someone else, but they can have sex with someone else in the same day that they did it with you. You should not get mad about it, because that is what friends with benefits means. It’s kind of like having a booty call.


Someone Gets Hurt

Someone Gets Hurt Photo Credit: Nufkin

In the end, if you’re not careful (and when the heart is involved, you can’t help feelings), someone could get hurt. Are you ready to deal with the hurt that could come along after you get attached to the partner?


Imagine if You Have a Child from It

I have to say it! When there is sex, there are chances of having a kid, no matter how careful you are. This is a risk you take when you have sex. So, could you imagine having a child with them? With your friend with benefits? Wouldn’t that be a story to tell the child when they grow up?


Awkwardness in Public

Awkwardness in Public Photo Credit: Cat Johnson

When you have a friend with benefits, how exactly are the two of you supposed to act in a public area? Are you supposed to hang out with the friend during a party or do they go and hang out with someone else, such as their girlfriend? Are you supposed to flirt? It’s totally awkward!


You May Not Stay Friends

In the end, after the emotions you go through, you may not stay friends. If they are that good of a friend to you in the first place, then maybe you should just leave them as a friend. Maybe, in the future, you could end up together in a relationship, but the "friends with benefits" thing has too many risks.


What if the Friend with Benefits Actually Wants a Relationship with Someone?

What if the Friend with Benefits Actually Wants a Relationship with Someone? Photo Credit: *glow

What if this friend with benefits wants to be in an actual relationship? Would you be able to handle him or her being in a deep relationship? Would you be able to handle that? What if they get married? Your friends with benefits will end someday, somehow and it may not be pleasant. What about the other person they’re dating – I don’t think they would agree to the two of you sleeping with each other.



Regret Photo Credit: Leah Johnston

In the end, there is usually regret. You regret having the friend for benefits, because they broke your heart, sent you on an emotional rollercoaster, used you or they didn’t want anything to do with you. I like to live life setting no regrets. Think before you act.

If you have a friend with benefits, then that is you. You are the only one who can make your decisions. If they are wrong for someone else, then they may be right for you. However, you need to be careful if you have a friend with benefits. Those are 8 reasons why not to have friend with benefits and I hope you understood them. I know, you can think of some pros, such as having no attachment, but really, you could end up having an attachment. Do you know of any other cons?

Top Photo Credit: David Panevin

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On a positive note, some really busy high earning bussines men may want a friends with benefits because its the only thing they have time for and not because they do not want you as a girlfriend. So later in 10% of the situations when he has more time, you may become a girlfriend.

With clear, honest communication, none of these are necessarily a problem. You HAVE to be honest with yourself, and with the other person, just as in any relationship, whether it is a friendship or a committed relationship. If you are not prepared to think things through, to talk things out, to be honest, and to take a risk, you aren't going to be able to sustain ANY relationship, including a FWB one. And you HAVE to make it clear that you expect the same honesty and communication from the other person. If you are honest with yourself and don't think you can handle it, DON'T DO IT! If you get into it and realize it's too much for you, GET OUT OF IT! And be honest about the reason. If you get into it and find that it's the best thing for you at this time, GOOD FOR YOU!!!

Friendship without emotion is a strict No-No for me.

what if your friends with benefits gets mad at you for getting into a relationship with someone else? Does that mean he developed feelings or that he doesn't have a booty call anymore?

I actually got pregnant from my friends with benefits but then I had a miscarriage.

I can add another reason, 90% of men think women who willingly get into a friends with benefits as whores and very easy slutty women. They have no respect for them.

i completely agree, someone always gets to attached, i mean if they really liked you, you would be their partner, i just really wish i read this a few weeks ago and maybe i would still have a best friend, all these points are so valid :)

i agree with 3 & 4 . It was first awkward with me and him aftyer tha first time we did it . then we started kinda talking again public but than we stopped & some stuff ended up happeneing we got in a fight & now we juss see each other & don't say nothing . & you kind do get emotional & all tha but still i agree you shouldn't have a friend with benefits . ALWAYS ends up bad . trust me . . . .

You can get a bad reputation because he has no reason not to spread your name as he is getting free sex.

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