8 Reasons Not to Ban the Pitbull ...


8 Reasons Not to Ban the Pitbull ...
8 Reasons Not to Ban the Pitbull ...

Punish the deed, not the breed. That’s the motto I like to stick to when it comes to the B.S.L (Breed Selective Legislation). Under the B.S.L, they are trying to ban “dangerous” breeds, such as the pitbull. Seriously, this is the most hideous thing I have ever heard of. I thought we lived in a country where being racist is wrong, yet people turn around and try to ban certain breeds. It doesn’t make sense. Look at my site and you will find some information on pitbulls – myths busted - pitbulllove.yolasite.com . Right now, I am going to give you 8 reasons not to ban the pitbull.

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They’re Good Family Dogs

They’re Good Family Dogs Photo Credit: e k p

Point blank, they make good family dogs. They’re fun to play with and they’re loving. They listen to commands. Yeah, that’s the problem. They are so loyal that they listen to anything their owner tells them.


Pitbulls are bursting with energy and affection making them wonderful companions for children who need a playful pal. Their protective nature also makes them excellent watchdogs, ensuring the safety and security of your loved ones. With proper training and socialization, they can show an incredible capacity for gentleness and patience, seamlessly integrating into the fabric of a family unit. They simply reflect the care and guidance they receive, much like a mirror of their owner's intentions. Consistent and positive reinforcement is key to nurturing their innate qualities.


So Many Good Families Have Them

So Many Good Families Have Them Photo Credit: staceyviera

Do you know how many good families in the United States own a pitbull? If you were to ban them, you would be taking away people’s dogs. Wait, what am I saying, they have already done this in some areas. It’s sad to watch a child cry as their dog was being taken away. To that child “your dog was taken away and killed because of his breed.” Wow, what does that teach them about racism?


What a harsh lesson for a youngster that love doesn't triumph over prejudice. Pitbulls in nurturing homes demonstrate daily they're as loving and loyal as any other breed. These families have raised their pitbulls with care, only to face the gut-wrenching possibility that their innocent, cherished pet might be legally seized. Their pitbull, a furry family member who's never shown aggression, suddenly judged solely by appearance. This misguided viewpoint doesn't just penalize the dog, but it emotionally devastates all those who considered that dog a crucial part of their family unit. The trauma inflicted is both needless and profound.


They’re the American Icon

They’re the American Icon Photo Credit: jcolman

Yeah, they are an American icon whether you like it or not. Stubby, a pitbull served in a war and saved lives. This breed has saved lives, why do they not get the respect and dignity that they deserve? Yet, little dogs who have done nothing get all the praise.


Pitbulls have etched their place in American culture, not just as pets but as loyal companions who have, time and again, proved their mettle. Sergeant Stubby, an example of sheer bravery, is a historic figure who not only served with soldiers but also acted as a mascot for American troops during World War I. Despite this rich legacy, the breed often faces unwarranted stigma and generalization. It's time we recognized their contributions and judged them for their individual behavior rather than breed-based stereotypes.


The Ban Doesn’t Stop Dog Bites

The Ban Doesn’t Stop Dog Bites Photo Credit: efprince

It’s a proven fact. This little ban people are trying to place will not stop dog bites. Statistics have even showed this. Just like putting a killer in prison, it does not stop other killers. OTHER dogs bite.


Proponents of these bans fail to recognize that dog bite incidents aren't breed-specific issues but rather individual animal behavior problems, often stemming from poor ownership or training practices. No particular breed is innately vicious. In fact, responsible ownership and proper socialization are key to preventing bites. The focus should be on promoting responsible pet ownership irrespective of breed. Moreover, targeting a single breed creates a false sense of security, potentially ignoring the risks posed by other breeds not included in the ban. The solution lies in educating about all dog behaviors and enforcing general safety measures, rather than ineffective breed-specific legislation.


Innocent Dogs Will Die

I was looking through pictures online the other night and I really do regret it. I have horrible images of these beautiful dogs piled on top of each other … dead. Why? Because the B.S.L was approved in the area they lived in. They took innocent dogs from their owners and killed them. That is sick. It’s wrong and not right.


It’s the Owners They Should Look at

It’s the Owners They Should Look at Photo Credit: woofslc

Punish the deed, not the breed! Who makes them do the deed? The owners do. I repeat, it is the owners fault! Yeah, yeah, go and say you did nothing but love the dog and it turned on you– I DO NOT believe you. There is something you must have done wrong – even if it was leave the child alone with the dog. Dogs can only take so much. They do not like to be pulled on – children shouldn’t even be left alone with a small dog.


It’s Wrong

It’s Wrong Photo Credit: ambermarie9187

Why would you want to ban the pit bull or any other breed for that matter? Don’t you think it is wrong? Who are we to sit there and say they are not allowed to live on Earth? We’re not God.


Banning a breed based on misconceptions and stereotypes isn't just unfair; it's morally questionable. Each dog, like a human, has an individual personality and character, molded by their upbringing, training, and environment. Sweeping judgments are an injustice to the countless pit bulls that have shown themselves to be loving, loyal, and gentle companions. Who are we to strip away the rights of a living creature based solely on its breed? It's a slippery slope when we start making decisions that undermine the intrinsic value of life in all its forms.


It’s a Form of Racism

It’s a Form of Racism Photo Credit: erinkejo

Some people walk around ranting about racism, then those same people go and sign petitions to have pitbulls banned. How hypocritical is this? This is a form of racism. Wanting to ban one breed just because of their name. Why not ban all little dogs? They bite just as much. Why not ban owners who teach the dogs wrong things? Why not ban humans – humans do stupid things, they kill people – shouldn’t that all make us look bad? What gives us the right?

I know that I was a little blunt in this blog, but I’m tired of all the pit haters out there. I don’t really understand how someone can be so hateful. Those are my 8 reasons not to ban the pitbull. I am sure, there will be posts on here of how they were bitten by a pitbull or how they should be banned, but I don’t care to hear that you want them banned. If you say it, then you are racist. What I do want to hear is your happy experience with your dog. Let these dogs shine, let people see that they are heroes and have been for a very long time. Let’s pull together and make this blog a positive place for pitbulls.

Top Photo Credit: MelanieFitzpatrick

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I own a blue pit and she is very well-tempered... She is great around our birds, goats, and rots.. She has never bitten kids, I have a 3month old and many little nieces and nephews who pull and drag her 90pd self around and she is very behaved... so i believe its all on how the owner treats the dog, not the dogs temper or breed... she is playful never chewed on furniture of destoryed her toys, so its hard to believe all these stories of a dog turnning, they have to have had some type of thing happen to them to behave diffrent.

I love my American Pit Bull Terrier as if she were my own child. My family has raised them longer than I've been alive... Over 30 years, and in those 30+ years, we have NEVER seen any aggression towards a non-aggressive human. The APBT I have now is just right, shes even tempered (also called smart breeding), well-behaved (also called well trained), dedicated to her calling (my service dog), and above all, she is my best friend/companion. She does not judge, just love. Her biggest vice? She absolutly loves chasing cats and birds. Grace, dogs chase and kill/eat cats, cats chase and kill/eat birds, birds kill and eat rodents, and so on and so forth. If your one of those types of prople who take one experience and try to create a full arguement out of it, you will end up looking like a fool. Pitbull owners, responsible ones at least, know their dogs, the history, and details people like you anve a tendency to forget when it suits you. Just remember, when my breed is gone, they could come after your breed next.

Grace, listen, I’m not going to be super mad or emotional at you, but it’s a fact that some dogs are more aggressive than others, or do things that weren’t provoked. Not all pit bulls may be like the ones in your neighborhood. Even if the breed- as you see it - is evil; then you have to look a one huge thing, all animals have some sort of personality; so there are at least some pit bulls out there that are nice. Your neighborhood might just be unlucky. One huge thing about animals though is that no matter how they were raised, or what breed they are, they are animals. That is one thing my dad always told me. They are animals, they have natural instincts, if said instinct rears its ugly head, and an opportunity comes about the animal will follow it. One time I’d left my door open (I always keep it closed so my cat doesn’t get in) on accident, my cat came in, and she killed my fish. I was so angry and sad, but the fact is, they are animals and anything that’s smaller or weaker they’re bound to attack sooner or later. Looking at it from your view though I would see why your so mad. I love my cat to the moon and back, and if a dog killed it I would be really pissed too, but I would get mad at that one dog, not the breed itself. You don’t have to listen to anything I just said, that’s your choice.

I have not had a pit bull myself but am dying to have one one day. My sister had an american blue pit bull from a puppy (which I would always suggest for a pit bulls unless you are confident of its upbringing). He was the sweetest dog I have ever met. The day I met him I had to help feed him and force him to drink as he had parvo. The dog had never met me before, was very sick and clearly very stressed and as I was forcing dioralyte down his throat, his teeth touched my hand. I said 'ow' as instructed by my sister (her training word) and he immediately opened his jaws as much as he could, despite the turkey baster down his throat. How can anyone say this dog is dangerous? Later in the same trip, my sister took in another pitbull which was being badly bullied by an older one at her friends house. Even in his heightened state of anxiety and fear, he still let me (a woman he'd never met before who smelled like another dog) clean all of his wounds. He slept in my room for a week and the only problem we had the whole time was my sister's pit bull getting protective of us. This happened twice and only when the other pit was stressed and scared. Not once did either get the slightest bit aggressive. The only indication that Grey didn't trust the new pit was that he was staying very close to us. Bearing in mind that these two dogs had never met, I think all of this 'pits are inherently dangerous' is a load of crap.

Ok, so I don't have a pit bull type dog but I've been around many of them and they were very nice dogs. I do have terriers, tiny toy terriers and they will try to attack anything around non-human. Most of this is my fault for failure to properly socialize them but some of this is because terriers were bred to kill things. Rats, mice, snakes, etc. This does not mean they are bad dogs or that they should be banned. Some of them don't have a very high prey drive and some have such a high prey drive they cannot be around fish (my rat terrier cried for days and tried to jump up to get a betta). Dogs should not be banned unless they become a danger to humans. My dogs are not out and about, I have a fenced yard and they only rarely get to go on walks because they get too wound up. I do not allow them around other animals because they can be aggressive. If you get into the debate on why a certain breed should be banned then you are going to eventually move into the territory that another breed can be dangerous and should be banned and then another. ALL dogs can be dangerous, even Chihuahuas and Pomeranians. A child was killed by a Pomeranian and a cop was attacked by a pack of 5 Chihuahuas, Google it. We should not ban them just because they CAN be dangerous but put down the ones who ARE dangerous. Cars can be incredibly dangerous, but no one would ever think of banning automobiles. Why? Because they're too useful. Dogs are too useful to ban also, they sniff for bombs, find people trapped beneath rubble, sniff out cancer now . . . the list goes on and on. Anyway, that's just my 2 cents worth. If you hate pit bulls nothing is probably going to change your mind anyway, but I think they're great. I won't have one though because I think it's unfair to have a larger dog with tiny ones in case a fight does break out and with my little aggressors, I know eventually one would. :(

Ok Grace, ban street cars as they causes most of the accidents though the fault was actually of the rash drivers! We know good things about the cars but they have their accident prone attitude also, so let us ban them. Do you think I am unreasonable here? Then think about the careless walker (before cursing the car) who may accidentaly came under the car just like your family cat may have teased the dog too far. Do you really think it is enough reason to ban and kill some dogs? After all they are lives. They are our nature's selection. If they are eliminated we dont know what impact it will have on our environment in the long run. So think even selfishly about your future generation and stop acting against nature. To protect your cat it is definately not the solution. Sorry..I became too emotional but cant stand the cruelty towards animal.

Grace, I have had a pitbull for 4 years now and she is the most kind a loving dog I have had. On the other hand, I've been bitten by a chihuahua, a poodle, and a dachsund. My cat was killed by a golden retriever. Aren't golden retrievers supposed to be kind and loving dogs? Aren't they one of the friendliest breeds? Your statement holds nothing against pitbulls because MOST dogs don't get along with cats. If your cat went out and killed a moth, would you automatically think that your cat was a bad breed? No, you'd consider instinct. Despite me being bitten and my cat bring killed, i'm not going to blame the breed. It was those particular dogs.

you may love your pitbull and all, but these posts on how loving they are really should stop. A pitbull killed my family's cat and tried to injure one of our neighbors. The pitbull was our neighbors and they always treated the dog well and i even dog sitted several times and the dog was calm and even-tempered, however they are inherently dangerous and can snap at any moment. I would NEVER have one of these dogs around my house, let alone my children.

Not quite Pitbull, but my housemate owns a Staff and while walking her I had people move to the other side of the street. Every now and again I am tempted to think 'she's a staff.. I should be more careful around her'.. but she's like a cute old lady and once she's around me I don't worry at all.. she's so sweet. And she lives with two cats that torture her on a daily basis and she does nothing about it.. she's so calm and sweet. :) Of course I wouldn't trust any random staff on the street.. or pitbull for that matter. ;)

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