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8 Reasons Not to Ban the Pitbull ...

By Melanie

Punish the deed, not the breed. That’s the motto I like to stick to when it comes to the B.S.L (Breed Selective Legislation). Under the B.S.L, they are trying to ban “dangerous” breeds, such as the pitbull. Seriously, this is the most hideous thing I have ever heard of. I thought we lived in a country where being racist is wrong, yet people turn around and try to ban certain breeds. It doesn’t make sense. Look at my site and you will find some information on pitbulls – myths busted - . Right now, I am going to give you 8 reasons not to ban the pitbull.

8 They’re Good Family Dogs

They’re Good Family DogsPhoto Credit: e k p

Point blank, they make good family dogs. They’re fun to play with and they’re loving. They listen to commands. Yeah, that’s the problem. They are so loyal that they listen to anything their owner tells them.

7 So Many Good Families Have Them

So Many Good Families Have ThemPhoto Credit: staceyviera

Do you know how many good families in the United States own a pitbull? If you were to ban them, you would be taking away people’s dogs. Wait, what am I saying, they have already done this in some areas. It’s sad to watch a child cry as their dog was being taken away. To that child “your dog was taken away and killed because of his breed.” Wow, what does that teach them about racism?

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6 They’re the American Icon

They’re the American IconPhoto Credit: jcolman

Yeah, they are an American icon whether you like it or not. Stubby, a pitbull served in a war and saved lives. This breed has saved lives, why do they not get the respect and dignity that they deserve? Yet, little dogs who have done nothing get all the praise.

5 The Ban Doesn’t Stop Dog Bites

The Ban Doesn’t Stop Dog BitesPhoto Credit: efprince

It’s a proven fact. This little ban people are trying to place will not stop dog bites. Statistics have even showed this. Just like putting a killer in prison, it does not stop other killers. OTHER dogs bite.

4 Innocent Dogs Will Die

I was looking through pictures online the other night and I really do regret it. I have horrible images of these beautiful dogs piled on top of each other … dead. Why? Because the B.S.L was approved in the area they lived in. They took innocent dogs from their owners and killed them. That is sick. It’s wrong and not right.

3 It’s the Owners They Should Look at

It’s the Owners They Should Look atPhoto Credit: woofslc

Punish the deed, not the breed! Who makes them do the deed? The owners do. I repeat, it is the owners fault! Yeah, yeah, go and say you did nothing but love the dog and it turned on you– I DO NOT believe you. There is something you must have done wrong – even if it was leave the child alone with the dog. Dogs can only take so much. They do not like to be pulled on – children shouldn’t even be left alone with a small dog.

2 It’s Wrong

It’s WrongPhoto Credit: ambermarie9187

Why would you want to ban the pit bull or any other breed for that matter? Don’t you think it is wrong? Who are we to sit there and say they are not allowed to live on Earth? We’re not God.

1 It’s a Form of Racism

It’s a Form of RacismPhoto Credit: erinkejo

Some people walk around ranting about racism, then those same people go and sign petitions to have pitbulls banned. How hypocritical is this? This is a form of racism. Wanting to ban one breed just because of their name. Why not ban all little dogs? They bite just as much. Why not ban owners who teach the dogs wrong things? Why not ban humans – humans do stupid things, they kill people – shouldn’t that all make us look bad? What gives us the right?

I know that I was a little blunt in this blog, but I’m tired of all the pit haters out there. I don’t really understand how someone can be so hateful. Those are my 8 reasons not to ban the pitbull. I am sure, there will be posts on here of how they were bitten by a pitbull or how they should be banned, but I don’t care to hear that you want them banned. If you say it, then you are racist. What I do want to hear is your happy experience with your dog. Let these dogs shine, let people see that they are heroes and have been for a very long time. Let’s pull together and make this blog a positive place for pitbulls.

Top Photo Credit: MelanieFitzpatrick

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