8 Places Cats like to Sleep ...


8 Places Cats like to Sleep ...
8 Places Cats like to Sleep ...

This could be a short blog – anywhere they shouldn’t. If you know anything about cats, then you will know that they do exactly what they want. That includes choosing a sleeping place. And since they spend much of the day snoozing, they like to find a variety of comfortable spots ..

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Your Clothes

Your Clothes Photo Credit: dibytes

This wouldn’t be so bad if they were in the laundry basket, where I once found my cat. But no, it has to be clean clothes – preferably freshly ironed. You only find this out when you discover that something you need to wear is now crumpled and covered in hairs.


Your Bed

Your Bed Photo Credit: Philosopher Queen

Your bed? No, their bed. Buy one of those cat beds if you want, they might use it once but then it will be rejected in favour of the larger option. When you want to go to bed, you will usually find them right in the middle of the bed, thus pushing you out to the side.



Work Photo Credit: raebohannan

Cats love to sleep on papers of any kind. Beware of leaving any work lying around, or when you return you will find a cat fast asleep on it, knowing full well you won’t have the heart to move them.



Computers Photo Credit: marydenise6

Whether it’s a laptop or a desktop, cats gravitate towards computers because of the warmth. The machine then ends up covered in hairs – probably inside as well as out.


Litter Tray

Litter Tray Photo Credit: Taking5

Now this I don’t get. Just how comfortable can it be sleeping on little stones? Kittens seem to love sleeping in trays though, perhaps because they haven’t yet worked out its real purpose. Or maybe it’s the kitten equivalent of sleeping on a bed of nails.



Bags Photo Credit: a..r.. (busy studying!)

Mine have a real fondness for sleeping on bags. A backpack, shopping bag, handbag … all of them serve as a nice place for curling up and going to sleep. I also have a small zipped case that I have often found one of them in.


Toilet Seat

Toilet Seat Photo Credit: wellingtondany

I once found my Fat Cat asleep on the toilet seat (closed). That really doesn’t strike me as a very comfortable place to sleep, but she was quite happy …


On Your Legs

On Your Legs Photo Credit: Hulpy (catching up next week)

Ever woken up and wondered why you have no feeling in your legs? Invariably you then discover that there is what seems like half a ton of cat sleeping on them. If it’s not your legs, then it’s your chest, which doesn’t really help when it comes to breathing …

So, what strange places do your cats sleep in? Do they always pick places they shouldn’t? Have you given up trying to reeducate them?

Top Photo Credit: kitby

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my cat loves boxes of anykind, i have my house full of them, it's now more her house than mine... XD

One of my cats likes to sleep in the bathroom sink and the bath tub. Another one of my cats likes to sleep in paper grocery bags.

I can check of every one of them as a place I have found a cat at some point.

where's windowsill? hahaha my kitty sleeps there ALL the time!

My kitty loves to spend her time in empty shoe boxes or in boots.

Ours likes to sleep on the back of the couch in the sun, while the other one, I always seem to find her in the closet on the "clothes that don't fit the kid anymore" pile thats in a bin.

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