8 Unique Names for Your Pet ...


8 Unique Names for Your Pet ...
8 Unique Names for Your Pet ...

The only time I gave my pet an ordinary name was when I named my pit bull. I named him Copper after the dog from “Fox and the Hound” he’s a red nosed pit bull and I thought the name fit him perfectly. I have always been big on unique names when it came to pets. I don’t like common names, I never have. Below, I am going to give you 8 unique names for your pet …

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Ashkii Photo Credit: Red~Star

This is a pretty cool name. It sounds like a good name for a male parrot or iguana. Now that I look at it, it sounds like a good name for any type of pet. What do you think about it?



Calissa Photo Credit: LoveCats2006

I think this one actually has a pretty cool ring to it. “Come here Calissa,” yes, there is definitely a ring. I think it would be a good name for a cat or maybe even a raccoon (if you have one as a pet).



Evika Photo Credit: Pawel Maciejewski

In Hebrew, this means life. I really like this name. It sounds very pretty for a female pet. What do you think about it? This may be the name I will give my next bearded dragon.



Sambini Photo Credit: ` ³ok_qa³ `

I know, this may sound like a strange name to you, but it was the name of a Siemese cat I had while I was growing up. He was a very sweet cat – yeah, about as sweet as a Siemese cat can get. He did have a temper, but I still loved him.



Aniukha Photo Credit: jojo79

This is a name that I gave my World of Warcraft character. I actually like this name. When I get my iguana, I am thinking about giving her this name. What do you think?



Arhimon Photo Credit: Scott Kinmartin

This is the name that my husband gave his pet on World of Warcraft. Of course, I picked the name for him. Like I said, I am always a sucker for those unique names – even when it comes to video games.


Du Hast

Du Hast Photo Credit: goldtrout

I just got a Russian Tortoise and this is the name that I gave him. I think it has a ring to it. I don’t care what it means, I know what it means, it’s a Ramstein song, but I like the name.



Grendel Photo Credit: Hobby-Photograph (back the 30th Sept.)

I like this name. I am not sure if you consider it unique or not, but I never really see any pets by this name. I chose this as number one, because it is the name of my bearded dragon. He is going on 6 years old. I have had him since he was a baby.

These are 8 unique names for your pet. I love unique names – they’re really fun to say and use. Do me a favor, tell me what type of pet you have and the name you gave them – I always love hearing about other people’s pets.

Top Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery

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"Du Hast" means just "you have" I had to laugh when i read that you gave your tortoise this name ... sounds kind of odd for me greetings from germany :P

Aniukha is a very fluid name, so pretty! btw that pic looks exactly like my rabbit :D great post melanie!

Yes, it would. Personally, I think the name is very awesome! *g*

i like the name alikey its weird but im thinking of getting a hamster and calling it that

I have a pelican named Cleopetra. Name is famous but unusual for a bird I think.

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