8 Completely Unique Ideas for Your Wedding ...

Weddings are so inspiring! Just look at all the websites and all the photo displays devoted to weddings. And have you ever been to a wedding that DIDN’T make you cry? There’s something so beautifully unique about each one that can touch you in a special way. Here are 8 unique ideas for your own wedding that are sure to be a hit with your guest and family members alike!

1. Sing to Your Groom

Photo Credit: xstartxtodayx

If you can carry a tune and don’t get nervous too easily, why not sing a love song to your groom on your big day? It can be a song you wrote, a special song the two of you like, or just a pretty song you would like to sing declaring your love to him. My mom sang to my dad when they were married almost 23 years ago and there was not a dry eye in the room. Even the groomsmen teared up!