8 Completely Unique Ideas for Your Wedding ...


8 Completely Unique Ideas for Your Wedding ...
8 Completely Unique Ideas for Your Wedding ...

Weddings are so inspiring! Just look at all the websites and all the photo displays devoted to weddings. And have you ever been to a wedding that DIDN’T make you cry? There’s something so beautifully unique about each one that can touch you in a special way. Here are 8 unique ideas for your own wedding that are sure to be a hit with your guest and family members alike!

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Sing to Your Groom

If you can carry a tune and don’t get nervous too easily, why not sing a love song to your groom on your big day? It can be a song you wrote, a special song the two of you like, or just a pretty song you would like to sing declaring your love to him. My mom sang to my dad when they were married almost 23 years ago and there was not a dry eye in the room. Even the groomsmen teared up!


Have a Picture/Slide Show

Many people play a picture or video compilation at the reception for their guests to enjoy. But here’s a variation: Why not play it during the ceremony? For a father/daughter moment, you could play it after your father gives you away with a song you love playing in the background. Start out with pics of you when you were young with your parents, then as you get older, and up until you met your sweety. Include pics of him in there too!!


Have Your Guests Toss Candy

Instead of the traditional rice or birdseed, why not give your guests bags of candy to throw at you? You could choose individually wrapped candies, then let the little children collect it all, or you could unwrap it in advance and let the birds enjoy. Make sure whatever you choose is not hard so you won’t get hurt if people throw it a little harder. Good choices are smarties, gummy bears, candy corn, gumdrops or other small, soft candy items.


Wear Your Mother’s Jewelry

Or your grandmothers, or your sisters, or your aunts. I’m getting married in January and I have chose to wear my grandmother dress, my aunts veil, my great-grandmothers brooch, my cousins jewelry and carry my mothers bouquet from her wedding. I am so excited that I get to include all the most wonderful women in my life on such a big day!


Write Your Own Vows

This is a pretty common thing that people do, but it’s not overrated! Writing your own vows is so personal and sweet! It’s something you can cherish forever and you will always be able to look back on that day and no that you made a vow to your husband that YOU wrote. It wasn’t words that someone else told you to say, it was what was on your heart. It will be a precious thing to see his reaction!


Choose a Special Day or Significant Place

Don’t just settle for the first available date n your calendar or the nearest church to say your vows to one another. Pick out a special day and place! Could be the place you first met, or a place you two love to visit (beach, field, gazebo, ect). I have chosen to marry on my grandparents wedding anniversary, and the church we picked is the same on my Mother and Father were married in!


Be Your Own Usher

After the wedding is over and you’ve marched out on your grooms arm, come back down the aisle together and be your own ushers! Go to each pew and individually greet and escort each guest out of his or her seat. This says “thank you for coming” in a personal way and it also eliminates you having to stand in a long receiving line. Great idea!


Have a Candy Bar

In place of a cake, or in addition to it, you could have a candy bar!! The popularity of candy bars at wedding is on the rise and they are a huge hit with kids and adults alike! Don’t be stingy: have huge selections and varieties of candy and use clear glass containers to place them in for a colorful display!

These are just a few among multiple wedding ideas I would love to mention. Wedding are so much fun and you can be so creative! Have fun preparing yours and remember to slow down and enjoy being the bride- you only get one chance to do it!

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I don't think a candy bar would go well at a few weddings. Lots of people don't have much of a sweet tooth. Not to mention how many kids would stuff themselves and start to feel ill. Not a fun thing to happen at a celebration. I wouldn't risk it if there were a lot of families with kids attending.

none of these are really that unique, i mean write your own vows. how is that unique? and guests throwing candy at you!? i'm sure there would be some idiots to throw hard candy at you...

Have people throw candy at you.. really?

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