7 Ideas for a Fall Wedding ...

The summertime isn't the only good time for weddings. I actually prefer cooler weather weddings, since I'd rather not sit and sweat the entire time. I've had many friends get married in the fall and here are 7 ideas for a fall wedding that you might find useful or fun to pass on to a bride-to-be.

7. Autumnal Wedding Favors

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Photo Credit: Lucky Kiona

Birthday parties aren't the only time favors are passed out. There are often favors left on tables during wedding receptions and it's okay to have fun with these. Lace and floral are common, but favors with an autumn theme are much more fitting for a fall wedding. Examples of such favors include; chocolates shaped like leaves, little bottles of maple syrup, or even gourmet apple cider mix. Adding these among table arrangements can provide creative decorations as well.

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