7 Ideas for a Fall Wedding ...


7 Ideas for a Fall Wedding ...
7 Ideas for a Fall Wedding ...

The summertime isn't the only good time for weddings. I actually prefer cooler weather weddings, since I'd rather not sit and sweat the entire time. I've had many friends get married in the fall and here are 7 ideas for a fall wedding that you might find useful or fun to pass on to a bride-to-be.

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Autumnal Wedding Favors

Autumnal Wedding Favors Photo Credit: Lucky Kiona

Birthday parties aren't the only time favors are passed out. There are often favors left on tables during wedding receptions and it's okay to have fun with these. Lace and floral are common, but favors with an autumn theme are much more fitting for a fall wedding. Examples of such favors include; chocolates shaped like leaves, little bottles of maple syrup, or even gourmet apple cider mix. Adding these among table arrangements can provide creative decorations as well.


Decorate to Fit the Season

Decorate to Fit the Season Photo Credit: Yan Vugenfirer

Use gourds, pumpkins, silk leaves or other fall-oriented décor. Although some might consider straw bales to be very autumnal, they might not be the best thing to make guests sit on. Some people might find them uncomfortable, have an allergy to them, or feel this might make the wedding a bit tacky. Setting some around for the party afterwards would probably be a bit more accepted by both guests and the wedding party.


Have Bouquets with Rich Fall Hues

Have Bouquets with Rich Fall Hues Photo Credit: Me the wanderer

Fall colors are often thought of as being orange, gold, red, burgundy, maroon, brown, tan, yellow, violet, and sometimes cream. Mums and sunflowers are great fall flowers for bouquets and arrangements. Even apples, cranberries, or pears can be added to the table decorations along with the fall flowers.


Accentuate with Raffia and Twigs

Accentuate with Raffia and Twigs Photo Credit: proudmama3

When the leaves fall to the ground, twigs can also be seen in the grass. Simple twigs placed around candle holders and held in place with raffia can add the perfect autumn accent for a fall wedding. The raffia pieces have a similar texture to straw, which makes them a good choice in decoration accents. This combo can also be added at the corner of pillars or pews.


Provide the Flower Girl with Something Autumn-like

Provide the Flower Girl with Something Autumn-like Photo Credit: Catch the dream

Acorns or silk leaves can be used in the place of flower petals. Flower petals aren't the only thing the flower girl is allowed to throw as she walks down the aisle. Tossing the acorns might be a bit tricky in an indoor setting, since they can easily be tripped on. Silk leaves are often smaller and brightly colored, which makes for a beautiful fall display down the aisle.


Choose a Cake That Goes with the Season

Choose a Cake That Goes with the Season Photo Credit: cakejournal

Cakes come in all flavors, even pumpkin! You could always go with fall colors instead of deciding to make the cake a fall flavor. Not everyone might like the idea of a pumpkin flavored cake. The cake is usually what people want to see most of all during the reception, not to mention taste that wonderfully rich frosting wedding cakes are known for. Decorating the cake in a rich brown fondant that is covered with mums of icing is very festive. Mums come in all colors, which can make for a truly gorgeous display on the dark fondant.


The Getaway

The Getaway Photo Credit: אריאלה

After the bride and groom have said their vows and been pelted with rice, the time comes for them to make their getaway in the vehicle laden with tin cans. Why not go for something more in-tune with the season? Leave by flatbed truck, hay wagon, or horseback instead. If horseback riding is something new, it might be best to stick with one of the other autumnal alternatives.

These 7 ideas for a fall wedding are just a few to give you some inspiration. If you or someone you know are planning a fall wedding, then take some time to see what decorating ideas are available. There are so many things that can be done for a wedding in the autumn. Do you have any decorating ideas that you've come up with? Instead of throwing rice, what is something else that could be used?

Top Photo Credit: texasmomof4

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