Royal Wedding Schedule is Confirmed...


Royal Wedding Schedule is Confirmed...
Royal Wedding Schedule is Confirmed...

The day before the wedding is nervous for any couple, but for Prince William and Kate Middleton it is a day of practising, planning and preparing. The couple are set to marry in Westminster Abbey tomorrow, and the released schedule shows that it is a wedding planned with military precision.

The general congregation are expected to gather at the Abbey’s North door between 8.15 and 9.45am tomorrow morning. At 9.50 distinguished guests such as dignitaries will arrive, followed by the arrival of Prince William and Prince Harry at 10.15. At 10.20am members of foreign Royal families will arrive, alongside Kate’s mother and brother. The British Royal Family will arrive between 10.25 and 10.35am, with the Queen arriving at 10.45am.

At 10.48am, the bridesmaids will leave the hotel to arrive at the Abbey for 10.55am. At 10.51am, Kate and her father will leave the hotel. The wedding will begin at 11am, with speakers broadcasting the service to crowds outside the Abbey. The couple will begin their carriage procession at 12.15pm, with the Queen following. The processions will take the couple to Buckingham Palace, where they will appear on the balcony at 1.25pm, with members of their families. At 1.30pm, the Royal Air Force and Battle of Britain memorial flight will begin.

Wow, what a day! I’ll definitely be glued to every minute...

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Wow so excited to see this in live television!

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