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Royal Wedding Security... Keeping the Day Trouble-Free

By Kati

The Metropolitan Police have revealed how they are guaranteeing the safety of the Royal newlyweds, important guest list and hundreds of visitors during the Royal Wedding on Friday. With protest groups threatening trouble, and all eyes on Britain, this big task just has to be done right!

There’s nothing quite like a Royal Wedding to plan, and one of the biggest operations is security. After all, it’s not just Prince William and his fiancé they have to protect, but the rest of the Royal family, and a guest list full of celebrity names and political allies. And that’s without considering the millions of people set to gather in London to catch a glimpse of the couple, and help them celebrate their big day. So what have the police planned?

5,000 officers will be deployed to be the ground force, and the police will have police helicopters circling the sky too. They will also have access to CCTV, to help them spot potential trouble. The police have digitally mapped the whole wedding area, to ensure they can see every inch, and that’s not all they’ve done. Muslims Against Crusades have been banned from protesting along the route, and more than 60 people have been banned from London for the day.

And with a huge security operation like this watching over your big day, it’s pretty certain nothing could go wrong!

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