7 Unique Ideas for Engagement Photos ...


7 Unique Ideas for Engagement Photos ...
7 Unique Ideas for Engagement Photos ...

Engagement photo shoots have come a long way in today’s world. Today, some couples are skipping the studio and beach setting – they are taking engagement photos that show how unique the couple is together. Years from now, you will look back at the engagement photos and not want to see “the perfect picture,” you want to see something unique, something that reflects the two of you as a couple. I am going to give you 7 unique ideas for engagement photos …

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For Better or for Worse

For Better or for Worse For Better or for Worse Photo Credit: alexey05

This is a pretty cool theme that you could try in your engagement photos. This would consist of taking pictures of the “for better” time, which would be you and him getting along perfectly. Then, you have the “for worse” theme, which will involve the two of you, as a couple, not getting along.


The Place You First Met

The Place You First Met Photo Credit: gwilmore

Try some “the place you first met” engagement pictures. Return back to the location where the two of you first met each other and try to recapture the moment.


Historical Period Engagement Pictures

Historical Period Engagement Pictures Photo Credit: Lover of Cats and Custom cars

Think of your favorite time in history and go back to that time – play it out. Would you like the 1950’s? For a bride, dress in a skirt, blouse and apron. For the groom, dress in a business suit.


Bring the Pets

Bring the Pets Photo Credit: ForRent.com

Are the two of you joining together? Do you have some pets that will be joining you? Then why not bring them as well? You can capture you and your pets together. This is definitely something I would do if I went back in time.


On a Bridge

On a Bridge Photo Credit: VanessaMcC

Snapshots that are done on a bridge are interesting, exciting and fun. They also symbolize two families coming together. If it is possible, try having friends and family members stand on the bridge with the couple standing in the middle – they can either be kissing or holding hands.


Elevator Pictures

Elevator Pictures Photo Credit: Darien Chin

A picture showing the engaged couple getting on the elevator, in my opinion, would be a unique photo. A series of shots done on the bottom floor would indicate a growing relationship. The last picture will be done on the roof in order to show the peak of the relationship.



Games Photo Credit: Erica-tasmic

I know, many gamers will despise this idea and say something rude, but this is something I like and I am going to post it. Perhaps you could add a photo of the two of you playing video games together. Don’t make it look boring and dull – make it fun and exciting. For example, he’s sitting on the chair playing game and you are leaning over him (hugging him from behind) with the controller in your hand.

Those are 7 unique ideas for engagement photos. Sure, some may have these ideas already and a couple of them may be labeled as “common,” but remember – the photograph is in your hands – you can take a common situation and make it as unique as you want to. So, do you have any ideas for engagement photos that you would like to share with us?

Top Photo Credit: dlinPB

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I like ones where you are staring into each others eyes and turned slightly to the side.

Aww these are cute ideas I love the video game one maybe you could combine the for better or worse on with the game on and have a pic where the couple is winning and one where their freaking out cuz there losing lol

Great ideas, seems that engagement photos have gotten just blah in the last few years.

I have only terrible photos of us :( need a photoshoot.

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