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8 Ways to Have a Laugh at Your Cat's Expense ...

By Alison

Cats have a reputation for being elegant, graceful creatures who never put a foot wrong. However, as any owner knows, they are perfectly capable of making complete fools of themselves (after which they have a wash and pretend it never happened). Here are some ways to get a good laugh at their expense …

1 String

StringPhoto Credit: nhrycun

The simple piece of string never fails to grab a cat’s attention. It’s hilarious watching this supposedly intelligent animal unable to resist chasing something that isn’t going to provide much of a meal. Those hunting instincts are always there …

2 Cables

Wait until the cat is standing astride a cable and then pull it tight. Mine did this the other day and got a bit of a shock when the cable moved. I never knew a cat could achieve vertical takeoff …

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3 I Want It

I Want ItPhoto Credit: Vagabond Shutterbug

Ever seen your cat trying to get at something that’s rolled under a chair or sofa? They will try and try to get it out. Throw a small object under the sofa and watch the cat trying to reach it …

4 Laser Pens

Laser PensPhoto Credit: Flips

I haven’t tried this one myself, but I’m reliably informed that cats go wild chasing the light. As with the string, they just can’t resist chasing it.

5 Reflections

ReflectionsPhoto Credit: Zulpha

This was what people did for entertainment before laser pens came along. Simply use a shiny object to reflect light up and down a wall. Cat thinks it’s something to chase, and off he goes, back and forth …

6 Mouse

As in the PC. Move the mouse, and the cat will be fascinated by the movement of the cursor. It will try again and again to swat it with a paw.

7 Where is It?

Where is It?Photo Credit: fofurasfelinas

There are thousands of videos on YouTube with cats miaowing. Play one, and watch your own cat trying to work out where the interloper is. It can’t smell it, it can’t see it, but it can hear it, so there must be one around somewhere …

8 Ringtone!

Ringtone!Photo Credit: Ames2880

Download a ringtone of birdsong and watch your cat’s reaction every time your phone goes off. A friend of mine did this, and played it to a group of cats. Some took no notice at all (great hunters, huh), while others looked all around wondering where their lunch was tweeting from.

It might be a little bit mean, but how do you get your cat to make you laugh? Does it get its own back on you? Or does it manage to make you laugh anyway?

Top Photo Credit: E.L.A

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