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8 Ways to Earn Karma ...

By Melanie

You all know the saying – what goes around comes around. If you are looking to improve your karma, then I have 8 ways to earn karma. Below, I am going to share this with you …

8 Excuse Other’s Mistakes

Excuse Other’s MistakesPhoto Credit: lempel_ziv

You know that mistakes are going to happen. We all make mistakes. Some of them are big and some of them are small. You should look past those mistakes and excuse other’s.

7 Say You Are Sorry

Say You Are SorryPhoto Credit: ☀Benjamin

When you tell someone that you are sorry, you should mean it. Don’t say it, unless you really mean it. If you did something wrong and you know you did something wrong, then apologize for it.

6 Plant a Tree

Plant a TreePhoto Credit: gteans

I think this is a good way to earn Karma. You are giving to Mother Nature by planting a tree. Planting a tree is not hard to do and it can be fun.

5 Give Compliments

Give ComplimentsPhoto Credit: The Shifted Librarian

Don’t just give compliments for the heck of it. Don’t say you like something when you really don’t. Start giving compliments for the things you do like. If you like someone’s hair, then compliment it. If you like someone’s smile, then compliment it. Remember, you receive what you give.

4 Words Are Strong

Words Are StrongPhoto Credit: ~¤ÐěĺĺÔõÓ¤~

We all know that words are strong. One way to earn good karma would be to stop using those words as weapons. Realize just how powerful mean words can be.

3 Do Not Cheat

Do Not CheatPhoto Credit: mommylolly

Cheating is definitely not a good way to earn good karma. Not cheating is a good way. I know, sometimes temptation gets in the way, but that’s life. We need to learn how to get past that temptation and become a better person.

2 Stop Judging

Stop JudgingPhoto Credit: Peekabokeh

People are not put on Earth for you to judge. If you don’t like someone’s outfit, then that is just too bad. It’s not like you’re wearing it, so leave it be. Some people out there may like the outfit the person is wearing – it’s all a matter of taste. People make mistakes, stop judging those mistakes every second of the day.

1 Love Yourself

Love YourselfPhoto Credit: bitzi☂

Of course, in order to give love and respect, you first need to give love to yourself. Stop pointing out all of your flaws. Love yourself for who you are and stop trying to change.

Those are 8 ways to earn karma. Remember, if you want good things in life, then you first have to give good things. Yes, I do believe in karma – I have witnessed it many times. So, can you name some other good stuff?

Top Photo Credit: j_jyarbrough

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