8 Health Problems That Cats Can Get ...

For the most part, my cats are very healthy animals. However, there are a few moments I can recall from the past where I was worried sick about them. A couple of little sneezes and I start to fear the worst. The last thing I’d ever want for my cats is to have them in pain or ailing in health and me not realize it. The following 8 health problems that cats can get are listed below. If you have the slightest suspicion that your cat might be the victim of any of the more serious ones, then be sure to contact your local veterinarian right away.

8. Hairballs

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Longhaired cats are more prone to hairballs than shorthaired ones, unless you have a cat with short hair that is also a constant licker. In the spring time, cats tend to shed quite a lot. This is the time of year when almost all cats end up getting more hairballs than usual. These are caused by the excessive amounts of hair that accumulate in your cat’s stomach. Most cats either pass the hairball in the cat box. There are other occasions where you might find a lovely furry mass on the living room rug as well. If your cat is constantly coughing and nothing is coming up, then try offering a blob of butter. This will usually help the hairball pass; one way or another. There is also specific hairball medicine sold at animal supply places.

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