8 Tips on Caring for Pet Rabbits ...

Rabbits are such sweet little creatures. I remember when I got my first rabbit for Easter when I was a little kid. This was the best present I’d ever gotten! I taught her to use a litter box and she lived in the house for the entire time we had her. The 8 tips on caring for pet rabbits that are listed below are ones I had to learn when I got my first rabbit. I’m now passing them on so other people will be better informed when they have a pet rabbit to care for.

8. Brush Long-haired Rabbits

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Photo Credit: markfftang

I had an angora rabbit and it was very important to brush her daily. When I didn’t, she would end up with hair stuck to her tongue and caked to her mouth. It’s the same as with long-haired cats. Most people know how much they dislike getting fur wrapped around their tongue. Well, rabbits are the same way and will tolerate being brushed if you start when they are very young.

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