8 Tips on How to Choose a Vet for Your Pet ...


8 Tips on How to Choose a Vet for Your Pet ...
8 Tips on How to Choose a Vet for Your Pet ...

As a responsible pet owner, you should always take your pet to the vet to avoid illness and other problems they might have. Just like people, pets do count and need doctors to help them through sickness and health. Let me tell you 8 Tips on how to choose a Vet for your Pet...

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Location Photo Credit: daphne31

Always think about the location and how many vets are in your area. The more vets the more room or help for your pet. If you live in a city, you have more chances of finding vet’s that don’t care to much for the animal.


Pet Friendly Vet

Pet Friendly Vet Photo Credit: Tobyotter

What I mean by this is that it will take any pet you have and treat it right and make sure they get the care they need. If you have reptile or a big dog, they need to treat them good. Some vets will be scared of reptiles or even bigger dogs. Avoid that type, because they just want money rather than helping the pet.


Specific Vet’s

Specific Vet’s Photo Credit: RAStr

If you have a reptile and want a specialist, you need to go to a herp vet or if you have a bird, you need a bird vet. This will stop problems with the famous words I don’t know or you need another vet to see what’s wrong with the pet.


Open 24 Hours

Open 24 Hours Photo Credit: guioconnor

Most vets are open at all hours in case of an emergency. This leaves room for night time problems like a dog being hit by a car or even my dog is real sick and needs a vet. I wouldn’t choose them as a primary vet though, because their focused on emergencies.


Customer Friendly

Customer Friendly Photo Credit: Catnip Intoxicating

You need to choose a vet that is friendly and likes your pet. They don’t need to just treat the pet, but act as if they have been friends for a long time. They should always listen to you and answer every question you have about your animal.


Good Facility

Good Facility Photo Credit: nils ♫

A good facility means clean, tons of equipment and has a good boarding room. They need to have a good comfortable visit and be respected. In case of emergency, you want a vet that has all the tools they need and help to fix the problem.


No Students

No Students Photo Credit: Apocaplops

I hate to say this, but when it comes to students learning how to take care of your pets, it should be only in college and not on your favorite pet. Yeah, they can watch them and wash them, but never handle them on the bed or do other things that the vet does.


Avoid Expensive Vets

Avoid Expensive Vets Photo Credit: *ian*

Avoid vets that make you pay too much and look for problems. You should see if the vet has insurance program or other discounts. Don’t go for the cheaper vet either, just learn about the prices of vaccines and avoid high prices on visits only.

It’s hard to choose the right vet for your pet, but here are some tips to help you narrow down your searches. I’ve been to the many vets and heard many bad reasons to put your dog or pet down before they even try to save your pet. Always give them a chance to recover and always take your judgment over the vet, unless they have a good valid reason. Do you have a good vet?

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Oh I love animals except reptiles specially crocodile. I find them ugly but they are also adorable sometimes.

It's impotent.

Thanks from my pets!

My vets are fantastic, they all clearly love animals and show endless patience with me and my cats (I speak good Spanish but I'm not fluent). A good tip is to ask for recommendations - I chose that practice because it was used by the animal rescue I work with). There are other vets closer to my house, but I'm 100% happy with that one.

OMG........was he a really vet?! what happened to your bird then?Is she alright?What is she?I have a pelican-I rescued him on my trip when he was so young and dint learn to fly and had fallen from his nest, two dogs were about to have him. He had broken wings and now he is alright but fears my dog.Naturally.

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