10 Tips on Taking Care of a Cat ...

I have a number of cats in my household. I consider them to be small furry members of the family; so naturally, I want the very best for them. Even though each one has a personality all his own, the method of caring for them all is basically the same. Below, I’ve listed 10 tips on taking care of a cat. There are at least a couple of my cats that have extra needs as well, but the tips mentioned below cover all the general requirements of most cats.

10. Grooming

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Cats have a tendency to be fairly thorough about their cleaning, but this can work against them as well. Due to all the licking involved with a daily cat bath, there is a lot of fur ingested. Cats with long hair have more trouble than short-haired cats with the occurrence of hairballs. A remedy can be purchased for eliminating hairballs from your cat’s system or butter can be provided from time to time. The cat will lick the butter or the store bought hairball eliminator with no problem at all. Brushing cats will also keep the hair down to a minimum, for both you and your cat.

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