7 Cute Yet Unusual Animals ...


7 Cute Yet Unusual Animals ...
7 Cute Yet Unusual Animals ...

I was watching seahorses on TV the other day and I couldn't help but go "Aww." At the same time, I couldn't stop thinking about how amazingly unusual these creatures are. That in turn made me think about what other cute yet unusual creatures there are out there and here's presenting some of my favorites. I'm sure these cuties will bring a smile to your face!

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Cat-a-Bug I don't know about you, but I thought this was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. It has no scientific name, as it is so rare and not many know anything about it. I wish it was more prominent in nature considering it is so adorable!


The Cat-a-Bug, also known as the Cat-a-Bug-Bug, is a rare and mysterious creature that has been spotted by only a few people. It is believed to be a hybrid of a cat and a bug, hence its name. It has a cat-like body with six legs, two antennae, and two wings. Its fur is typically gray in color and its eyes are yellow.

The Cat-a-Bug is an incredibly rare find and very little is known about this creature. It is believed to be nocturnal and is usually seen in the dark. It is also believed to be a solitary creature and is rarely seen in groups.

The Cat-a-Bug is an incredible sight to behold and its cuteness is unmatched. It has a gentle and friendly demeanor and is known to be quite curious. It is believed that the Cat-a-Bug feeds on small insects and is also known to enjoy the occasional sweet treat.


Koala Bear

Koala Bear Photo Credit: Erik K Veland

Koalas have always seemed so surreal to me. They're just too cute! At the same time, they're unusually slow because of their slow digestive systems. Did you know that they sleep for upto 20 hours a day? I envy them so much! I'd love to hug trees and sleep all day! I think it may be their piercing, big eyes that are the cutest part about them or maybe it's that innocent, adorable look.



Alpaca Photo Credit: pominoz

I think the above picture shows why I think Alpacas are cute! They've always been such an odd animal and I love their quirkiness. Their big, bold eyes stand out so well and make them look so much cuter than they would without them. The Alpaca will always be a favorite of mine.



Sheep Photo Credit: moggierocket

Sheep are some of the strangest animals, and when walking through the countryside, I get quite worried about the sheep. They seem mysterious under all that wool and somewhat wise and also,very cute! Plus, if counting sheep helps you get some sleep, there must be something off about them, right?



Seahorse Photo Credit: Sash´s Kitchen-Studio Photography

Now for the creature that started it all, the sea horse! There has always been something in my head that has made me associate a seahorse with adventure. They are so intricate and out of the ordinary and simply put... beautiful!



Giraffe Photo Credit: ucumari

I adore the giraffe simply because it is so different compared to other animals. The overall appearance including the blue tongue is bizarre but oh-so-adorable! Plus they may be giant but they seem so gentle...


Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox Photo Credit: floridapfe

I couldn't help but go "awww" at this picture. This is the fennec fox and I have never seen anything like it. Therefore, it had to be on this cute yet unusual list!

I hope these animals made you smile, I suppose animals like these prove that even the oddest looking of creatures, can be very cute. Which of these little critters do you think is the cutest?

Top Photo Credit: Creature Comforts

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They are so cute. Though I dont think sheep, girrafe are unusual animal but they are definately cute.

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