7 Reasons a Dog is Better than a Boyfriend ...


7 Reasons a Dog is Better than a Boyfriend ...
7 Reasons a Dog is Better than a Boyfriend ...

Yeah, boyfriends can be cool. I said CAN – because not all of them are cool. Some of them are pretty big losers who have so many bad things about them. In the past, before I was married, I was thinking that there were no good guys out there, that it would be best if I just stuck with my dog as they make better companions. Here are 7 reasons a dog is better thana boyfriend

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The Dog Won’t Lie

Hey, dogs can’t speak our language, so they are not going to lie to you. Even if they could, I don't think they are capable of lying to us. Boyfriends on the other hand... they can lieto you straight to your face.


The Dog Won’t Cheat

The Dog Won’t Cheat Photo Credit: dakotaduff

With that dog, there is no need to dig through their stuff for secret love notes or go through the horror of finding a lipstick stain on their shirts. You’re not going to find any. Your dog will not let you down by cheating on you. Remember what they say about dogs and their loyalty? Well, it's true!


The Dog Won’t Judge You

I like how dogs do not judge you. No matter what, the dog will think you look good. They don’t care if you smell bad, taste bad or have abad hair day, they are not going to judge you and they will love you just as much.


The Dog Listens

The Dog Listens Photo Credit: meg price

Yeah, guys are known for not listening. Wait, I mean, HUMAN guys. Dogs on the other hand, they will listen. They are all ears. Sometimes, the dog will even pop his ear up to let you know he is listening. It seems the more you try to talk to a boyfriend, the more he closes his ears.


Dogs Are Always Happy to See You

Dogs Are Always Happy to See You Photo Credit: _Zinni_

Do you see that tail wagging when you walk through that door? Dogsalways seem to be more than happy when they see you. We can’t say the same about boyfriends, can we?


Dogs Will Not Feel Threatened by Your Intelligence

Face it, some guys feel threatened when a girl is smart. In fact, most men would prefer dating someone who is not quite as smart as themselves. A dog, on the other hand, will never feel threatened by your intelligence.


They Love to Cuddle

They Love to Cuddle Photo Credit: keith10eyck

Dogs are better than boyfriends because they love to cuddle with you. Dogs will cuddle with you for as long as you want them to and will not complain about the time. In fact, you may get tired of cuddling but your dog never will!

Those are 7 reasons why a dog is better than a boyfriend. Sure, not all boyfriends are horrible and they can have good morals, but still, dogs make really good companions. With a dog, you do not have to worry about arguing or having relationship problems. If you want a dog and you do not have one, you should do your research and see if you’re ready. If you are, then you should adopt one from an animal shelter – save a life. So, what is your opinion on this?

Top Photo Credit: saikiishiki

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If your dog is better than you boyfriend, then make sure your boyfriend does not become your husband.

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