Why "Men" Prefer Stupid Girls ...


Why "Men" Prefer Stupid Girls ...
Why "Men" Prefer Stupid Girls ...

**By Bettina Winder **

Have you ever noticed that men seem more attracted to stupid girls? You see them approaching the ditsy women with some oh-so-stupid pick-up line like, "If I told you, you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me"?

The reason these girls get hit on, is not necessarily because they are drop-dead gorgeous. No, it is because they have a distinct deer-in-headlights look in their eyes that tells the men that they are approachable, coach-able, and stupid enough to fall for their lame pick-up lines, go home with them and allow the β€œman” to do all the talking and make all the rules. You see, these "men" (and I use the term lightly), actually prefer stupid girls over smart girls because they get to hold all of the cards in the relationship and they can get away with a lot more shit, because their stupid girlfriend, wife, whatever, will be none the wiser to his bull-shit.

A smart girl takes work, initiative, cooperation, teamwork, and above all, takes courage to handle. Smart girls are not for whimpering cowards or men who are used to getting things handed to them on a silver platter. But in the end, the smart girls will add more to the relationship and to the intellectual and emotional growth of their partner than any stupid girl ever could. If you want a servant, a lap-dog, a trophy-wife, then by all means, "men"; pick up a stupid girl at a bar near you. If you want a soul-mate, a goddess, a teacher and a partner, then for God’s sake, have the initiative to pick a smart girl!

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This blog is ironic. It's an indirect attack on men, by directly attacking women. I, for one, think the reason that men like those types of women isn't simply because they're stupid. It's because they're not a big hassle when someone's looking for a fling. If "smart" women means being bitchy and critical all the time ... who the hell would want that? Seriously, where do I sign up? Do you want a bitchy and critical man? I hope not. Oh yea, and if there's a smart girl out there who isn't bitchy and critical, no man would have a problem with her. Ever. But that girl is the exception, and not the rule. If there's a smart girl out there who is carefree (like a lot of guys are), then that's awesome. I'd even argue that she's relationship material. Otherwise, single guys are naturally attracted to (and SHOULD be attracted to) the carefree, happy-go-lucky kind of woman, whether she be a ditz or not.

Love this freakin article!!My BF loves airheads but now he's with me and says Im the perfect girlfriend but yet we fight all the time becasue he says I think too much lol. His last girlfriend was a helpless, dumb, young girl who needed him for every little thing yet she meet his family shes all over his FB he respected and care for her alot and now me and him fight all the time and break up like alomost every week lol

Women calling other women who get attention "stupid". Newsflash: men don't like stupid, they want an agreeable, non-argumentative, non-competitive partner. Modern Feminism has made most American women insufferable. Men just want peace when they're home and would rather stay single than date some patriarchy obsessed windbag.

This really isn't a gender issue at all. Stupid guys have more luck with stupid women and stupid women have more luck with stupid guys. Furthermore, as much as women might like to think they are more noble in their selection of a mate, it's still a mater of like attracts like. A smart pretty women expects to find a smart handsome man, not a smart ugly one. In the old days, we all came to know our own 'pulling power' from experience. Today, we tend to have completely unrealistic media fuelled ideas of the type of partner we can attract. As for the Bambi image the author evokes, yes, that's attractive to guys, but only because they think it will be easier to get into her pants - I don't think they're thinking as far as a relationship at that point.

i would die for a smart chick not a bossy chick who thinks thats shes smart but some one that would skool me

speak for yourself i like a girl who has grey matter, you can keep the blonde haired air heads

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