20 Ridiculous Phrases Men Use to Break up with Us ...


20 Ridiculous Phrases Men Use to Break up with Us ...
20 Ridiculous Phrases Men Use to Break up with Us ...

Well, according to my dating experience and to the experience of my girlfriends, "It's not you, it's me." line isn't the most ridiculous one men came up with to break up with us. There's lots more where that came from!

I've just put together a list of 20 Ridiculous Break Up Phrases from Men I've ever heard of and my translation of what they really mean.

Have you heard even better ones than these? Please share them and we'll complete this list together! ;)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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"I'm Just Not Ready for a Relationship Right Now, but if I Were... You'd Be the One!"

aka:"I'm still not ready to spend the rest of my life sleeping with one person, but if I were, it might be you."


"I Still Really Care about You."

aka: "... Just not enough to really date you or spend much time with you. But I still care!"


"I'd Love to Still Be Friends and Hang out after All This."

aka: "Can you hook me up with your hot friends after you get over me dumping you?"


"I Just Really Need to Focus on (fill in the Blank... School, Job, God, Whatever) Right Now."

aka: "I don't think you'll take this break-up well, but you can't argue with this one."


"I'm Moving to a Foreign Country, but I'll Call You when I Get Back."

aka: "I've got to get away from you, fast!"


"You Can do so Much Better than Me!"

aka: "And I know I can do so much better than you!"


This phrase is a double whammy of insult and faux humility, often intended to soften the blow but actually doing the opposite. It sends a contradictory message – on one hand, suggesting they’re not worthy of you, while on the other, insinuating they’ve got grander prospects ahead. The subtext here is clear: they’re trying to absolve themselves of guilt by framing the breakup as a favor to you. But let's be real: it's patronizing at best. The implication that you're in competition for who 'wins' post-relationship is simply unnecessary.


"It Has Been so Great Getting to Know You, but I Think We Need to Spend Time with Other People."

aka: "I've already met someone I'd rather spend more time with."


"I've Got a Fear of Commitment."

aka: "I've got a fear of being tied to you for life!"


"I'm Feeling Smothered, and I Just Need to Get Some Space."

aka: "You're way too in my business, too fast - I am ready to get you out."


"the Guy Who Marries You is so Lucky!"

aka: "I just hope I'm not that lucky!"


"I Think We Need to See Other People and Just See What Happens."

aka: "I'm already sleeping with someone else, and I'm just telling you this before you find out."


"I Still Want to Be with You, but I Just Want to Take a Break."

aka: "I want to try sleeping around, but keep you close in case I can't find anyone else."


"I've Got a Lot of Issues I Need to Work on Right Now."

aka: "My main issue is that I'm just not that into you."


When a man trots out this line, it's tempting to nod understandingly – but let's be real. It's often not about his battle with existential dread or climbing the career ladder. It's code for, “You're not on my priority list”. And sure, self-improvement is noble, but when it's suddenly tabled as an all-consuming quest right as things should be heating up? Please. We weren't born yesterday. It's a soft letdown, a way to bow out without looking like the bad guy. But between us, it's a thinly veiled break-up cue. Watch for it.


"I Feel like You're More of a Friend than a Girlfriend to Me."

aka: "You're just not as cute as you were when we started dating."


"I Just Need Something More."

aka: "I'm not sure what more is, but I'm kind of bored, and this line sounds really convincing."


"I'm Still Not over My Ex."

aka: Ouch. This one's probably true.


"I Wish We'd Met Five Years from Now Instead."

aka: "I'm really not that mature right now, but I probably will be in five years, and then I could've made a great boyfriend/husband!"


"We're Just in Totally Different Places in Our Lives!"

aka: "I'm in this place called I Want to Go Out Drinking, Partying, and Sleeping Around, and you're in this place called Let's Settle Down, and those two places don't fit well together."


"I Just Respect You so Much."

aka: "Please don't tell your friends I'm a jerk, because I might want to date some of them."


"I Think We Got Too Close, Too Fast."

aka: "When you put your toothbrush beside mine in the bathroom, that really freaked me out."

Post in the comments and let me know the worst ones you've heard of! There must be plenty I missed on ...

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My english is bad. I meant: 'please answer my early-er question: why men mustn't say these things, but women are allowed to say everything. Yeah sheila of course I'm right. This site is male-bashing and male hating. If a men say 10 % of this about women, he will be in court. Or he get angry women behind him. Yeah that is sexism against men

Ahahah The Guy Who Gets To Marry You Is So Lucky! You Could Just Say Yhea That Could Be You! Ahahaha, This Website Has Given Me Great Tips :D

ahhhhh shelia i have a prob. ,y ex just told me he still likes me and wants me back but i dont know if thats feeling mutual i mean i still care abt him a little and he's really sweet but he's been giving me mix signals that drives me bannannas. my friends all told me that after we broke up that they were really happy cuz they didnt like him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i dont know what to do... wut do you think?

Never find someone foreign when your young. I spent too much time thinking and, sometimes, reflecting on one guy that I had to literally fight off the hurt tooth and nail before I got over it. Took me 6 bloody years to do it! And the awkward thing is, we're still friends!...After me deleting him, re-adding him and deleting him from MSN over and over.

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