9 Things You Can Tell about a Man from the Way He Eats ...

Dates are hard work...from worrying if he likes what you are wearing to wondering if he likes you, and if you like him, there isn’t really much time to find out much about him. I mean, first dates aren’t exactly the most honest things...you are both trying to impress each other, so you won’t present a balanced view of yourself, and neither will he. Until now, this is something my friends and I have found super annoying...there are some things you can tell just from what a man eats, though, which gives you a little more to go off. Here are nine things you should look out for...

1. He Eats with His Mouth Open

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The first part of any date is a little awkward, and everyone will be trying to suppress their bad habits. Eating with your mouth open is one that is hard to break, though, so if he can’t seem to eat without showing you, it shows that he has an excitable and youthful personality...it’s not necessarily all good, though. They are more likely to have a short attention span, and to expect to get their own way. It’s a great warning sign for someone who might be more ‘little brother’ than ‘sexy longterm boyfriend’.

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