9 Things You Can Tell about a Man from the Way He Eats ...


9 Things You Can Tell about a Man from the Way He Eats ...
9 Things You Can Tell about a Man from the Way He Eats ...

Dates are hard work...from worrying if he likes what you are wearing to wondering if he likes you, and if you like him, there isn’t really much time to find out much about him. I mean, first dates aren’t exactly the most honest things...you are both trying to impress each other, so you won’t present a balanced view of yourself, and neither will he. Until now, this is something my friends and I have found super annoying...there are some things you can tell just from what a man eats, though, which gives you a little more to go off. Here are nine things you should look out for...

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He Eats with His Mouth Open

He Eats with His Mouth Open Photo Credit: MelissaRStern

The first part of any date is a little awkward, and everyone will be trying to suppress their bad habits. Eating with your mouth open is one that is hard to break, though, so if he can’t seem to eat without showing you, it shows that he has an excitable and youthful personality...it’s not necessarily all good, though. They are more likely to have a short attention span, and to expect to get their own way. It’s a great warning sign for someone who might be more ‘little brother’ than ‘sexy longterm boyfriend’.


He Chooses Your Food

He Chooses Your Food Photo Credit: Scuzzi

If he chose where you should go on the date, asking for his recommendations on the food can be a good way to see if you have similar eating habits, and to create conversation. There is a big difference between picking out a few dishes to select, and demanding you have a certain food, though. And if he chooses you a huge dessert and just has a coffee himself, start to worry. There are a lot of things that you should have sole control over, and your food is one of them.


See if He ‘Saves the Best Til Last’

See if He ‘Saves the Best Til Last’ Photo Credit: Sunshine Hanan

Maybe its the meat you love most, or the potatoes, or thefresh vegetables...whatever it is, everybody likes to save a bit of the best till last. So look at what he orders, and see if he eats his favourite bits first. If he’s eaten all his chicken and can’t help but pick at yours, he is in a hurry, and only looking out for his own interests. Which roughly translates to mean he won’t be the loving, romantic man you are after...and who needs a man who doesn’t have time?!


The way a man eats can be a good indicator of his personality. If he is always the first one to finish his meal, it could mean that he is a go-getter and is always looking out for himself. On the other hand, if he takes his time and saves the best for last, it could mean that he is patient and enjoys the little things in life. Additionally, if he is always trying to take food from other people's plates, it could be a sign that he is selfish and not looking out for the interests of others. Finally, if he is always ordering the same dish, it could mean that he is a creature of habit and likes to stick to the same routine.


He Seems Unhappy

He Seems Unhappy Photo Credit: Soul101

Stay alert. Think about the things you’d question a friend about...prodding their food, looking unhappy...and look for those traits. It may be that they are having a bad day, or it could be a deeper emotional problem, like a break up that they aren’t entirely over. I have a friend who seems to always manage to attract men who aren’t over their exes...they are fine until the meal, but eating with another girl is just too much. Everyone wants to be a healer, but sometimes it isn’t worth the pain and effort, so keep your eye out and make an informed decision.


Look out for Seducers

Look out for Seducers Photo Credit: bhampton1963

If you’ve eaten at the most amazing restaurant ever, he’s shared his food willingly and even the pudding was covered in Swarovski crystals, consider his intentions. Seducers are very good at buying expensive meals in the hope you’ll feel that he deserves to be rewarded...there will be a lot more men with bad intentions then ones with good, unfortunately. If the chef knows his food, or gives him the best, most romantic table in the house and calls it ‘his usual’, put your guard up.


Don’t Judge on the Food

Don’t Judge on the Food Photo Credit: _legrandin

If you’ve agreed to a date at his house and he’s ordered take away, don’t be immediately put off. He could be lazy, or he could be low maintenance, relaxed and spontaneous. I’ve had some of my favorite dates with my boyfriend over a takeaway...it’s much easier to be yourself, and you’ll get good food too. Give it a try, and it should soon be obvious which he is. For example, a pile of dirty underwear, or dirty cutlery, and you should probably make your excuses!


He Mentions Calories

He Mentions Calories Photo Credit: Jeff__

There are some topics which are not mentioned over meals, especially on dates. Such as weight,or calories...so if he’s started discussing the calorie content of the meal, know that there is probably something wrong. He’s either got a problem himself, meaning that he’ll most likely need constant reassurance and will have a very negative effect on your own eating habits, or he is used to dating those who limit their calories and brag about it. Come on, neither is brilliant. Keep calories away from your food...it’s healthier, and happier, that way.


He Has a Healthy Appetite

He Has a Healthy Appetite Photo Credit: aiyah

If he wolfs down his food, he’ll probably be a great boyfriend. Okay, I know thats a generalization, but a healthy appetite and a low maintenance attitude are great traits, and he is less likely to be finicky or have a lot of emotional problems. It also means he’ll be easy to feed, as he will most likely go along with whatever it is you want to eat. Relaxed men are god sent...they make everyday life much easier and are great for calming bad situations.


Men with hearty appetites often exude a certain confidence—they're not hemming and hawing over the menu or obsessing over calorie counts. This can be incredibly appealing, as it suggests a guy who's comfortable in his own skin. It also hints at a sociable side; he's likely to be the type who enjoys gatherings around the table, sharing good food and conversation. Just imagine cozy nights in or lively dinner parties—with someone like this, mealtime is never a stressful affair, but a chance to relax, enjoy, and connect.


He Acts Inappropriately

He Acts Inappropriately Photo Credit: nickwheeleroz

A friend of mine once went on a date to a fancy restaurant with the man she was convinced she would spend her life with. After patting the waitress on the behind while she showed them to their table, he proceeded to joke that a carrot included in the starter looked ‘like a willy’...and probably much more, but I was laughing so hard by this point that I don’t remember anymore. If he’s inappropriate, he probably has some social issues. You would never be able to introduce him to family and friends, and he’d never learn how to behave. Ifhis Mummycouldn't teach him, it's pointless. Leave him behind!

I’ve found these points to be really helpful. It’s easy to remember eating habits, and it gives a sneak peek into the personality of the real man, not just his date-persona. And my friends have found sorting the Mr Wrongs from that elusive Mr Right so much easier since we talked about this! Have you got a tip for spotting his personality through his eating habits? I’d love to hear about it!

Top Photo Credit: Vanessa Pike-Russell

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