10 Ways to Cut 100 Calories Every Meal without Noticing ...


10 Ways to Cut 100 Calories Every Meal without Noticing ...
10 Ways to Cut 100 Calories Every Meal without Noticing ...

Calorie counting is so boring, but it’s the simplest way to lose weight. Where do you take the calories from, though? Low calorie meals can take much longer to prepare, and cost a lot more too, and low calorie ready meals are usually full of other bad things to make up taste, such as excessive amounts of salt, sugar and fat. I’ve been watching my diet lately, though, and have discovered 10 ways to cut 100 calories from every meal that you won’t even notice. And that’s a promise!

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Breakfast… Photo Credit: benbenbenbenben

Croissants make for adelicious breakfast, but do you know how bad for you they are? As well as being stuffed with calories, they are full of fat, too. Try swapping your croissant for two pieces of wholewheat toast, with some butter or cream cheese on top. You’ll feel just as full, for 100 calories less!


Omelette – Healthy Choice?

Omelette – Healthy Choice? Photo Credit: formalfallacy @ Dublin (Victor)

Omelettes are always offered as a healthier choice, but there are ways to make it even better! Instead of a typical whole egg omelette with bacon, order an egg white scramble with turkey. It’s just as easy to order or make, and will save you caloriesand fat, too.



Hummus Photo Credit: Compmouse

Swap your 2 teaspoons of mayonnaise for 4 spoons of hummus, and you’ll save at least 150 calories. Not a fan of hummus, or want to save even more? Use mustard instead, which is extremely low calorie!



Salad Photo Credit: aiyah

Creamy salad dressings contain a lot of extra calories, and most of the time, you can get the flavor much easier by just adding a spoon of oil and vinegar. So choose to make your salad healthy. Your tongue won’t notice the difference, but your waistband will!


Candy Bars

Candy Bars Photo Credit: musicpb

It can be tempting to snack on candy bars, but they really have no nutritional value, and replacing them with something withless caloriesand more nutrition will have you looking great in no time. My suggestion? Frozen yoghurt. Low fat versions contain hardly any calories, and taste great!



Nuts Photo Credit: creampuffsinvenice

Don’t graze on nuts when you are out and about. While they are healthy, the ones in pubs will be covered in salt to keep them preserved, and contain a lot of calories. Instead, carry a small bag of pretzels, for when youneed a snack.


Open Faced Sandwich

Open Faced Sandwich Photo Credit: Biggie*

Don't want to miss out on a sandwich? Have it open faced, using just one piece of French or Italian bread, and a low fat filling. You’ll save calories, but be just as full, and avoid bloating too!


Baked Potato

Baked Potato Photo Credit: Junglefrog

Baked potatoes are a really filling lunch, and are perfect for peopleon a diet. They are really easy to find too, being sold at most cafes, and even at take aways. So why aren’t you getting thinner? The potatoes usually come smothered in cream cheese and sour cream, which is very calorie filled. Instead, add some tuna or low fat dressing.



Burgers Photo Credit: Vanessa Pike-Russell

Sometimes, you just have to have fast food, and burgers are definitely the most popular option. How can you save calories on them, though? Order sans cheese, which has almost no nutritional value anyway, as it will be processed. Then skip the fries, and have a smoothie or healthy drink if you can. You’ll easily save 100 calories!


Home Cooking

Home Cooking Photo Credit: bossbob50

Making your own mealsis a great way to control calories, but to shave off some extra unnecessary ones, swap olive oil for a low calorie spray such as Pam. It’ll taste the same, but its much better for you!

I’ve been testing these tips, and they are a great way to shave your calorie intake without making a big difference to your eating habits, which makes them super easy to adopt too! You’ll never notice the difference, but your waistband will! Have you got a way to shave off calories without noticing? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: pjhunton

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...What do you mean by saying that frozen yogurt has "hardly any calories"...? They still have over one hundred calories. Probably somewhere between 120-150. Have an apple.

In order to control my portions, I use a smaller plate so it tricks my mind in thinking I have a full plate. Larger plates cause you to usually fill it up and lick it clean.

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