10 Ways to Cut 100 Calories Every Meal without Noticing ...

Calorie counting is so boring, but it’s the simplest way to lose weight. Where do you take the calories from, though? Low calorie meals can take much longer to prepare, and cost a lot more too, and low calorie ready meals are usually full of other bad things to make up taste, such as excessive amounts of salt, sugar and fat. I’ve been watching my diet lately, though, and have discovered 10 ways to cut 100 calories from every meal that you won’t even notice. And that’s a promise!

1. Breakfast…

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Croissants make for adelicious breakfast, but do you know how bad for you they are? As well as being stuffed with calories, they are full of fat, too. Try swapping your croissant for two pieces of wholewheat toast, with some butter or cream cheese on top. You’ll feel just as full, for 100 calories less!

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