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7 Tips for Eating 5 Times a Day ...

By Mercy

Eating small meals throughout the day is much better for the body than eating 3 large meals. Not only will you feel fitter and more energized, you will also be able to lose excess fat and maintain a lean body. Here is a sample meal plan for eating 5 times a day.

1 Breakfast

This is one of the most important meals in the sample meal plan for eating 5 times a day. You want to make sure that you are getting yourself energized for the rest of the day. Have some cereals that are rich in proteins as well as fruits that are high on fibers.

2 Mid Morning Snack

This meal will ensure that you do not get too hungry before lunch and give in to temptation of munching on chips and gulping them down with soda. A light tuna sandwich with a little bit of mayo and a few fresh veggies like tomato and cucumber is a perfect mid morning snack.

3 Lunch

You lunch can be slightly heavier than your morning meals. This will see you through the largest part of the day. The best option is chicken breast, cooked in any way you like, but do not deep fry it. A little bit of boiled brown rice and a few steamed veggies are perfect companions to the chicken.

4 Evening Snack

An evening snack will ensure that you get through to your dinner without unbearable hunger pangs. You can repeat the tuna salad for your evening snack or substitute it with something that is light on the stomach, yet full of nutrition. A fruit of your choice at this time is a great idea.

5 Dinner

Your dinner should be a low calorie meal. It should also be as devoid of fat as possible. This is because your metabolic activity is low at night and most of what you eat can get stored within the body instead of getting burnt off as energy. Have a couple of eggs, a chicken breast, multi grain bread and a few steamed veggies.

6 If You Simply Cannot Ward of Hunger

If you find that in the beginning of this sample meal plan for eating 5 times a day, you are unable to ward off hunger in between meals, ensure that you snack sensibly. Grab a granola bar, a protein shake or a fibrous fruit to tide you over.

7 Drink a Lot of Water

Water is an essential part of every diet. Water ensures that all the excess toxins as well as sodium gets flushed out of your system on a regular basis and do not get a chance to build up and cause medical issues. 8 ounces of water is strongly recommended on a daily basis.

Following this sample meal plan for eating 5 times a day will ensure that you have as much energy and as little fat as possible. You don’t have to eat exactly what is mentioned here, but do substitute sensibly.

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