7 Tips to Eating a More Heart-Healthy Diet ...


7 Tips to Eating a More Heart-Healthy Diet ...
7 Tips to Eating a More Heart-Healthy Diet ...

Your heart is literally the life force behind your body's functions, and is something we sometimes forget to take proper care of. But it's time to start thinking about your heart because right now, cardiovascular disease kills twice as many women a year as any form of cancer, including breast cancer. So let's look over a few easy tips that will make your heart live long and strong!

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Eat Whole Grains

Eat Whole Grains Photo Credit: this charming broad

Whole grains help regulate blood pressure and are a great source of fiber. You don't have to make it your whole life, but there are a few easy things you can do to bring more whole grains into your diet. For instance, buy whole wheat bread instead of white. Buy cereals made with whole grains. Buy whole grain pasta. All of these simple steps will give you the whole grains that you need in your diet.


Eat Less Salt

Eat Less Salt Photo Credit: jjvannorman

Salt increases your risk for high blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart disease. It doesn't mean you can't have salt at all. Just cut down a bit. Buy low sodium foods, and cook with a little less salt. Also try to eat more fresh foods since most of your sodium intake comes from pre-packaged or processed foods.


Eat Low Fat Protein

Eat Low Fat Protein Photo Credit: sharaff

Your heart is a muscle and muscles need protein. But most protein that we opt for is loaded with fats and lipids. Go for a leaner option. Try egg whites and skim milk instead of eggs and whole milk. Try a skinless chicken breast instead of fried chicken. And instead of snacking on chips and salsa, try walnuts and soy beans.


Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies Photo Credit: Saint Claire Studio - Ginsky

We all know that fruits and veggies are good for us. But, sometimes we forget to eat them. Well, you might want to grab that apple now. Fruits and vegetables are filled with substances that help prevent cardiovascular diseases. They're also low in fat and rich in dietary fiber. I know how hard it is to eat right so make it easy for yourself and keep pre-cut and washed veggies in the fridge. Keep fruit in bowls, and remember to eat as many servings as possible. Aim for five servings each day!


Limit Trans Fat and Saturated Fat Intake

Limit Trans Fat and Saturated Fat Intake Photo Credit: nirE cigaM

Trans fats and satirated fats are a major issue right now, known to directly contribute to heart disease. All prepared foods will tell you right on the label how much fat, and of which kind, is inside. Pay attention to this, and avoid trans fats as much as possible.


Watch Your Portions

Watch Your Portions Photo Credit: cproppe

Portion control is a major problem here in the U.S., where everything we eat is served to us in bulk. So try and eat just a little bit less than you're used to. Avoid eating at fast food restaruants and carefully measure what your eat. Fill yourself up without gorging.


Plan Your Meals

Plan Your Meals Photo Credit: fromky

Menu plans make eating a heart-healthy diet much easier. Plan your meals based on what you know you'll need and you'll find that it's much easier for you to eat a heart-healthy diet. So write yourself out a menu and stick to it as much as possible!

Well ladies, these are the quick and easy tips that will make it easy for you to eat a heart healthy diet. Just remember how important it is. Try to stay healthy and eat right. Your heart will thank you! Any questions or tips on how to eat a heart healthy diet? Let me know down below!

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Nothing wrong with these great tips. Cutting out the sodas would be a good move too.

Have fishes instead of meat. Eat more fibre rich products.

also whole eggs are high in dietary fat,however dieatary fat does not equal body fat so whole eggs are fine if u work out,especially with weights.

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