10 Things You Should Know about Your New Man ...

The following list are things to know about your new man. When you get involved with a person, it's always good to know at least a little bit about him. Eventually you will get to know each other, but some things need to be known sooner than others. This just might not be the person you thought he was. It's better to find out sooner instead of later.

10. Is He Well-mannered?

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Photo Credit: Troy Holden

Having a boyfriend that demonstrates manners is a huge plus. There's something attractive about a guy who knows how to behave in public. Politeness goes a lot further than crudeness any time. A well-mannered man is often chivalrous as well. It's nice to have the door held open for you every now and then. People are usually taught manners by their family members, so if your man is polite, you can be fairly certain that he had a good upbringing as well.

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