10 Things You Should Know about Your New Man ...


10 Things You Should Know about Your New Man ...
10 Things You Should Know about Your New Man ...

The following list are things to know about your new man. When you get involved with a person, it's always good to know at least a little bit about him. Eventually you will get to know each other, but some things need to be known sooner than others. This just might not be the person you thought he was. It's better to find out sooner instead of later.

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Is He Well-mannered?

Is He Well-mannered? Photo Credit: Troy Holden

Having a boyfriend that demonstrates manners is a huge plus. There's something attractive about a guy who knows how to behave in public. Politeness goes a lot further than crudeness any time. A well-mannered man is often chivalrous as well. It's nice to have the door held open for you every now and then. People are usually taught manners by their family members, so if your man is polite, you can be fairly certain that he had a good upbringing as well.


Does He Have a Good Sense of Humor?

Does He Have a Good Sense of Humor? Photo Credit: pimpexposure

If a guy can laugh at his own mistakes, then he will most likely be very easy going and good natured. A good sense of humor usually makes him fun to be with as well. I think this is one of the best things to know about your boyfriend. I like a man who can make me laugh and laugh with me. Guys who get grumpy over the slightest thing tend to be over dramatic and make things more stressful than they need to be. Humor is often key in helping a relationship to go further as well.


Do Negative Comments Fill His Conversations?

Do Negative Comments Fill His Conversations? Photo Credit: Gavin Liam Levitz Russell

Negativity is very catching. Have you ever noticed that when someone says something negative to a person that that person often retorts and is negative towards someone else? It's like a giant chain reaction. Talking to someone who has nothing but negative things to say is often a huge downer. There's no quicker way to ruin your good mood than by dealing with a persistent pessimist. I think this would be a good trait to find out about in the beginning of a relationship.


Is He Self-centered?

Is He Self-centered? Photo Credit: buzzstuff

Finding out if your man only thinks of himself is best to know right away. It's hard to get along with someone who feels everything should go his way. If he comes across as being self-centered in the beginning, chances are he's not going to change later down the road. Selfish people usually do what's in their best interest, no matter how it makes other people feel or what the consequences are.


Are There Any Interests He Has That You Also Have?

Are There Any Interests He Has That You Also Have? Photo Credit: just.K

How well do you know your boyfriend and what his interests are? Having common interests usually makes for better conversations. If you find out that you actually have things in common, this could be a good sign for the future as well. When you and your man like similar things then this means you will have more opportunity to do things together that you both actually enjoy.


Could You Create a Future with Him?

Could You Create a Future with Him? Photo Credit: J. Gervase Photography

It's always good to know from the start if there might be a possibility that you and your boyfriend will be able to have any kind of future together. If you and your man get along well together, then this is definitely a good sign. Couples who start off arguing constantly tend to find that they have a stressful relationship and it usually doesn't last forever.


What Are His Pet Peeves?

What Are His Pet Peeves? Photo Credit: davidgano

Other things to know about your new man include pet peeves. It's always good to find out if he has any of these. Most people have at least one or two things that truly irritate them. On the other hand, some people have a lengthy list of things that annoy them. It would be good to know if something you do out of habit might be on his list of pet peeves. Some pet peeves are something as trivial as getting irritated by people who don't use coasters for their drinks. Knowing that something you do might potentially grate on your man's nerves will help you to become more conscious about your habit. Swapping pet peeves can be fun as well!


Does He Have a Short Fuse?

Does He Have a Short Fuse? Photo Credit: TGKW

There are many people that come across as cool, calm, and collected individuals. This is the appearance that everyone gets when in public. How do you know what he is like when he gets frustrated with something? Finding out that your boyfriend has a quick temper might be good to know when a relationship is just starting out. This will open your eyes to how much patience he has with various things. If he gets so irate that he starts punching walls, then it might be a good time to discuss this issue with him.


Does He Have a Job?

How well do you know your boyfriend. Another way you can tell just how well do you know your boyfriend is by knowing whether or not he has a job. This is commonly a question that comes up on a first date, so hopefully you know where or if your man works. I'd be skeptical if he won't tell you exactly what he does. This doesn't necessarily mean that his job isn't legit, but who knows what else he may not be telling you. If you can't trust him in the beginning, then it may only become more difficult in the future to form a trusting relationship.


Where is He from?

Where is He from? Photo Credit: near proximity

Again, this is another fact that people usually find out on a first date with someone. It's good to know if he's local, if he's from out of town, and where he grew up at. If he was born in one place, but moved every couple of years, then he might not be willing to stay in one place for very long. If he was born and raised in one area, then he might be more likely to settle down rather quickly. These are good things to find out when you first get involved with someone.

These are the 10 questions that I feel are important to ask and know about your man. You wouldn't want to be in a relationship for many months and then find out there is a specific way you walk in your flip flops that drives him up the wall. So, how well do you know your boyfriend and all his mannerisms?

Top Photo Credit: Marta Potoczek

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The guy I like goes to a coffeeshop everyday to study since he lives far from campus. If I’m there alone, I’ll go sit with him and we’ll chat & do our homework at the same time (usually for about 1.5 to 2.5 hours). Other times, I’m there with another friend, so either I’ll go over and say hi or he will come over to our table to talk. He’s always really friendly, talkative, and likes to tease me a lot, which I’ve noticed he doesn’t do with other girls. Last week, he invited me to see his band play Saturday afternoon, so I went with a friend and we chatted a bit afterward with him. The thing was… he was really nervous! And not nearly as outgoing as usual, which was strange. We have a 3-hour seminar together on Tuesday, so I sat with him then. He was friendly, but seemed more reserved than usual again. However, he kept glancing at me while the prof was lecturing and during lunch break, he was making jokes to the group (about 5 of us were talking) but was constantly looking to see what my reaction was. So… I’m not sure what’s going on with him. The year is almost over and I really like him, but I don’t know what he thinks about me! What should I do?

Shouldn't you already know these things if he's "your man"?

this is a very good one.. although i'm not with anyone lol

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