8 Embarrassing Mistakes to Make with Men ...


8 Embarrassing Mistakes to Make with Men ...
8 Embarrassing Mistakes to Make with Men ...

Relationships and dating are a minefield, and we’ve all trodden on a few mines in our time. Here are some embarrassing and daft mistakes to avoid making with men.

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Mistaken Identity

Make a play for a gay man. Yes, I will put my hands up and confess to having done this. I still cringe.



Getting drunk at the office party and making a play for your boss. Double points for stupidity if he is married. Triple points if his wife is present.



Text-crazy Texting him 20 times a day. In a new relationship, spells STALKER. In an established relationship, says ‘I DON’T TRUST YOU’.

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Being a Fool

Being a Fool Getting or staying involved with someone who is spoken for. No, no, no, no, no. You will look back one day and say ‘What WAS I thinking?!!’ The embarrassment comes when you finally realize what a mug you were to believe his stories.

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Shopaholic Buying his underwear. What are you, his mother?

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History Lessons

Telling a guy your life story from A-Z on the first, second or even third date. Since this will invariably involve bitching about your exes, you will probably be lucky to make it to the third date.


Baby Daddy

Talking early on about how much you want children. You might as well wear a t-shirt saying ‘looking for baby daddy’, as that is what the poor guy will immediately assume.


Online Dating

Online Dating Believing what a guy says on an internet dating site! I’m single = I’m married. I’m 38 = well I was 15 years ago. Looking for long-term relationship = I might sleep with you twice.

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That’s just the start! There are so many ways we make fools of ourselves with men that this post could be of epic proportions. What dating bloopers have you done that made you cringe?

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Ah yes. Text crazy= me! Lately, I just turn off my phone and give it to a friend who is not allowed to give it back no matter what I say.

I never have done any of those but my boyfriend def did 6. History lessons to me VERY early on. Total over share but I guess girls are more understanding about that kind of stuff.

I met my boyfriend of 6 months through a dating site. There ARE good guys out there you just can't be too quick to trust them.

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