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8 Ways to Impress a New Man ...

By Kati

First dates are scary. From choosing what to wear and where to go, to the first awkward conversation and finding common ground, unless it’s going fantastically well, it can be hard to relax at all until you’ve got home and analyzed it with your friends! But then comes the worrying about whether he will call, if he wants to see you again and if he really saw how great you are... I’ve been talking to my boyfriends friends about this, though, and have picked up on the eight simple ways to impress a man, and they are so much simpler then you’d think...

1 Ask Questions

Men know that women like to talk about themselves. It puts us in our comfort zone, talking about things we have a knowledge in... did you know it works the other way, too? Listening to him and asking relevant questions not only shows you are interested in him too, it shows you are intelligent and can hold a conversation. So whether you quiz him on his dream job or his favourite food, get asking!

2 Play It Cool

Awkward moments can be date killers, but it all depends on how you play them. A friend of mine once arranged to go on a first date at an ice rink that had been put in the town centre for one week only. Her balance was never very good, but she was determined to look good, so she bought some ice skating gear and certainly looked the part when he showed up until she fell over and broke her arm. Awkward? Never. She stood up laughing, and despite being in pain, admitted she’d never been much good at ice skating and hated the cold. She got married last year...

3 Secrets

Tell him a secret. Not your biggest secret, of course, and nothing you wouldn’t want others to find out... Tell him that you are petrified of spiders, that you have always wanted to visit Venice, anything. Let him in, and open up. It’ll make him feel close to you, and open up conversation... it really works!

4 Second Date

Suggest the second date! Men go through that awkward after date period too, so if you suggest that you’d be open to meeting again, you’ll make him asking much less of a big deal. You don’t need to do it too obviously... point out a movie you’d like to see, or tell him you want to visit the wine show on next week... give him an opportunity to ask!

5 Phones off

Turn your phone off, and make people wait for you. While he will appreciate knowing that you have friends, you are on a date, and getting to know each other. Give him your undivided attention, and catch up with your friends afterwards. He’ll be flattered to know he is your priority at that moment, and you are much more likely to get a second date!

6 Be Comfortable

Wear something that you are comfortable in and have confidence in how great you look! Then use some tactics to show how feminine and gorgeous you are. Seeming confident and happy with yourself is impressive to a man, who will see you as fun and ready for a relationship. Try tracing your finger along your collarbone, or drawing attention to your dainty wrists... you’ll also make him want you!

7 Be Playful

Have a playful attitude, and show him that you are fun, as well as being girlfriend material. Being able to share a joke and have fun together shows that you see things in a positive way, and suggests you’d be able to sort things out without resorting to plate throwing. He’ll be subconsciously looking for signs of whether you’d be a good girlfriend or not, and this is a perfect way to show him.

8 Break the Rules

Don’t wait three days after the date to text him, and don’t make him text you first. He doesn’t have to arrange the next date, and you don’t need to pretend to be stupidly busy to impress him. Throw the rule book out, and show him that you are interested, whilst also showing that you can think for yourself and you are serious. He’ll be impressed that you can break away from the rules, and flattered that you’ve broken them for him. Perfect.

I’ve tested this theory by sending my single friends on a few dates, and insisting they try my new technique. It works like a charm! The guys leave impressed and excited about meeting up again, and my friends feel confident and happy knowing that they’ve left the guys with a good impression. Perfect! Have you tried this technique? Please let me know how it goes!

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