10 Ways to Keep a New Guy Interested ...


10 Ways to Keep a New Guy Interested ...
10 Ways to Keep a New Guy Interested ...

So you've found a new guy and you really like him. He likes the same music as you, he says sweet things and he texts you random cuteness throughout the day to let you know he's thinking of you. My guess, you're tumbling head over heels into a big vat of emotion and you want to find a way to make him feel the same way. Well, have no fear, I have you top ten ways to keep that new guy interested!

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Switch up the Routine

Switch up the Routine Photo Credit: nevil zaveri

So you've had a few dates with this guy. A couple of dinners, a couple of movies and if you're modern minded, you've had a few PG-13 sleep overs. You've gotten into a routine. Well, now is the time to break it. You can't get too comfortable too early on or your guy will lose interest fast. So, instead of making him dinner and watching a movie at your place, why not take him on a grand adventure through a park for a moonlit picnic?


Look Nice

Look Nice Photo Credit: knittingskwerlgurl

I know how it is ladies, after a while you just don't want to do your make-up EVERY time you see your guy. And eventually some tight skinny jeans become tight yoga pants which later become loose sweats. But this isn't a habit you should get into. Try and look nice for a little bit. It lets your guy know that you care enough to put effort into your appearance!


Don't Be Clingy

Don't Be Clingy Photo Credit: cathycracks

Don't get me wrong here, some public displays of affection are cute. Like when your guy pulls you a little closer and kisses your forehead. But don't hold on for dear life, that could send your guy running faster than you ever thought possible. Let him know that you're interested but keep him guessing by being able to stand on your own two feet.


Find Your Similarities and Run with Them

Find Your Similarities and Run with Them Photo Credit: _ambrown

Find out what type of music your guy likes, or what he likes to do with his free time. Hopefully, there will be something there that you also enjoy. Do you like the same music? Share a headphone the next time your favorite song comes on. Enjoy singing? Have a road trip jam session!


Be Confident

Be Confident Photo Credit: neuroxik

Confidence is very sexy! If you can sashay into a room and turn some heads then by all means go for it! Just make sure you keep your eye on your man so he knows that he's the one lucky guy that gets to walk out with the hottest girl in the room. It'll be an ego boost for both of you!


Keep Some Mystery

Keep Some Mystery Photo Credit: NixieMichelle

We all know how hard it is to hold in that one embarrassing story from Camp Wannahackahloogie but for the love of all things holy, don't give everything away just yet! Make your guy earn interesting stories and your deep inner thoughts. You shouldn't reveal everything you have too early!


Let Him Come to You

Let Him Come to You Photo Credit: moriartyontherocks

It's cute to send your guy cute little text messages throughout the day but sometimes, you should really make him come to you. You don't always have to be the first to send out a message, and this will let you know just how much he really wants to talk to you.


Creating a healthy balance in communication is key. If you've been initiating most of the conversations, it might be time to take a step back and give him a chance to show he's equally invested in this budding relationship. By pausing your text chains, you're not playing games; you're simply giving him space to miss you and reach out first. Remember, if he's truly interested, he'll relish the opportunity to make the next move and appreciate the space you've given him to express his feelings naturally.


Stay Flirty

Stay Flirty Photo Credit: Sion Fullana (an iPhoneographer in NYC)

Don't let your guy seek flirtation elsewhere, keep it going with him. There's no reason for you to not flirt just because you're together. Give him cutesy little compliments, make him feel like you're admiring him. He'll make you feel the same way right back!


Bust out Those Hidden Talents

Bust out Those Hidden Talents Photo Credit: *northern star° {one of a kind}

Do you play guitar, or rock Guitar Hero? How about paint with your feet? Can you shoot an arrow into a target with a bow? Why not show off a few of those mad skills?


Flaunt Your Eccentricities

Flaunt Your Eccentricities Photo Credit: Lua in Wonderland.

Do you like to rain dance or sing in the car or in the shower? Why not let your guy see that silly side of yours? Open up and get silly, your guy will love to see this new side of you.

Well ladies, I gave you some tips. It's time for you to apply them into your everyday lives! Do you have any tips for me on how to keep a new guy interested? Let me know!

Top Photo Credit: Beangirl

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and finally page three - let him come to you...a very interesting piece of advice and a risky one too. though the idea of sending out cute little text messages is a good idea, a lot of guys are worried that if they text their love interest too much or first too often then it means that they're not interested in them anymore and they're only answering our texts because they don't want to be mean and tell us to screw off. stay flirty - wow great idea haha nothing will keep a guy more interested than being flirty but only with him. as a sidenote another hint is to never try to make a guy jealous. i have still never met a guy that likes being jealous or doesn't react badly to it. i'm even a libra and it still really gets on my nerves. guys do not enjoy being jealous and it will generally only make us mad or give up hope, not try harder. jealousy ruins relationships it is just not worth it. bust out those hidden talents - also a good idea guys like knowing that their love interests are multi - talented, but i wouldn't suggest using those mad skills to show off until you guys are fully comfortable with each other. flaunt your eccentricities is a really good way to make a guy fall deeper in love with you which is preeeetty likely to keep him interested. as long as it's cute things like singing in the shower or dancing in the rain.

ur good only half way he'll share with u still bt its nt fair that u dont share with him. So balance out the relationship n have everything fair n square. That way u wnt have to argue later about how u nt open enough. *a bit of a harsh reality*

on the second page - find your similarities and run with them is a GREAT idea. making a connection with guys early on in the relationship is key. guys love a girl who we can relate to and feel comfortable with. the more things we have in common with a girl, the more naturally attracted us guys are to them. be confident - this is a good point as well guys do love a confident girl who can state her opinion boldly and be assertive in what she says but you have to draw a fine line at being confident and being cocky or intimidating. guys don't like girls who are rude or super argumentative and we definitely HATE being proven wrong. so be sure of yourself, but don't try too hard to show you're independent. keeping mystery - very important for sure, guy do like to keep trying to figure out more and more about you but that doesn't mean that you should be super secretive with him or anything. guys hate thinking that girls don't want to connect with them so reveal things to him slowly, but in a steady stream until the two of you are in a happy, open relationship.

Well so far i have talk to these guy and i leave before him i bite little bit my lip and look down for a second then pay attention to his conversation and looking into his eyes we laugh and he shares his secrets with me but i havent share my secrets with him so do you think so far i am good

Hey I'm 13. I like this guy A LOT but idk if he still likes me. He used to like be IN LOVE with me and I like really don't know what happened. He would like txt me all the time and give me cute nicknames and his friends always told me that he likes me a lot. How do I get him back?

hey i thought that maybe you guys would like a guy's perspective on this i always find these kind of things interesting. to begin with the first page, switching up the routine - good idea, but trust me if the guy likes you enough he may be happy doing the same thing over and over and over as long as he's with you. guys sometimes may not show this because we're so worried that the girl that we're interested in is going to get bored with US. the key here is communication. if you're both happy with things the way they are, but don't express it honestly then you may both move things along too quickly because of a lack of communication. look nice - obviously haha that's a given, no guy truly wants to be with a girl who doesn't look her best possible. you don't have to be ridiculously hot to keep a guy's interest, simply look your best possible. it may be a lot of work, and it really shows how vain some guys can be, including myself, but it's a definite necessity to keep a guy interested. when it comes to being clingy, it really depends on the guy. i know that i myself, and many of my guy friends do not like it when a girl is all over us following us everywhere and never giving us any space. however, every single one of us (all 19 year old guys) agree that we do like to flirt consistently and be around the girl a lot. do not get me wrong and start ignoring the guy or start avoiding him that is the worst thing you can do. despite the fact that every single movie seems to depict guys as sexy, charming, men who love to chase a girl to have her, many guys will just become jealous and give up on trying.

What does it means when a guy asks you by text What you up to today? and also Is that OK to answer him all you are going to do throughout the day so he gets more interesting in you? like for example 'I'm doing excercise and later on go to work' for example

Please answer as quickly as possible! (before school tomorrow please!) I would honestly do anything for him<3

after reading my comments i have a few things left to say. yes, guys are vain. if we have the choice between the hot girl who would be good for us and the decent girl who would be perfect for us then most guys will unfortunately choose the hot one. i admit i am kind of ashamed of guys for having this unfortunate trait, it can sometimes ruin relationships and change lives for the worst. i myself am striving to find the perfect girl for me to spend a happy relationship with, possibly my life with. i would also like to clarify my slightly confusing comment on the let him come to you section of page three. as an example, if i were to receive cute little texts from the girl i'm interested in at the moment, then i would be very happy. it shows that i'm not the only one trying. sometimes, girls find that they're the ones who text their love interest too much, or they're always the one to start the conversation. the truth is, a lot of the time guys want to text first, but are worried if we do too often, and the girl doesn't seem to text first all that much then it means the girl has lost interest in us. so when you text first, it's kind of like a reassurance that you're still interested and the guy is comforted. we looove when you text first. also, i know that some girls like to try not texting first to see whether or not the guy will text. this can go two ways. the guy could notice that you didn't text him and think that something's wrong. if he thinks something's wrong, he may try texting or calling to see what's up, in which case everything's okay. or he could wind up not texting you at all because he's worried that he did something wrong. this could leave you feeling hurt. so the answer to your question is YES, he will notice if you don't text him at all. but the outcome will not be accurate because of the reasons i just listed. overall, don't play mind games. hard to get is another one that is highly over rated because of movies. be honest with guys and guys will be honest back and show you all of their intentions from the very beginning. these opinions are based on my experiences and the experiences of any guys and friends that i have ever talked to about these subjects. thanks for reading and i hope i helped and got you the guy you deserve. - Shane

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