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10 Ways to Impress Someone on a First Date ...

By Fawn

From nail biting to constant foot tapping, first datesare always nerve wracking. What do you wear? Where do you go? How do you impress the person across the table? How do you make sure you don't end up with him not calling you back? This is what I’m here to help with. These are the best ways to impress someone on a first date and make sure that you get another!

1 Listen

ListenPhoto Credit: André Felipe de Medeiros

You’d be amazed how much it impresses someone when you just listen to what they’re saying. This doesn’t mean that you have to be completely silent mind you, just make sure that you’re absorbing what they’re telling you. Respond to the story without interrupting the flow of the conversation. Listen to what your date has to say,that's one way to get a guy!

2 Relax

RelaxPhoto Credit: sherina

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that dating has taught me, ladies. Your date is just as nervous as you are on the first date. So relax, your date will be impressed if you don’t freak out about every little thing and just let things flow naturally to avoid awkward moments.

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3 Use Your Manners

Use Your MannersPhoto Credit: CarbonNYC

Your mother didn’t teach you manners for nothing, you know? Sometimes in this day and age hearing a "please" and "thank you" really impresses people. There’s no need to be rude to anyone on your date... after all, you want to make a good impression.

4 Keep Some Mystery

Keep Some MysteryPhoto Credit: Miceeatcheese

You know that story about your drunken night with your best friend where you got arrested? Yeah, maybe that’s not the best story to tell on your first date. You should be honest and open but some things might overwhelm your date. Just avoid a dating blooper and keep some of the embarrassing things for date number 3.

5 Laugh

LaughPhoto Credit: Jeniee

Laughter isn’t only the best medicine, it’s also a great way to break the ice. Now don't go chattering away like a chimp, but do make it a point to laugh when they tell a funny story. And don’t be too embarrassed to laugh at yourself. The ability to laugh at yourself is a great quality, so show your date that you possess it.

6 Don’t Complain

Don’t ComplainPhoto Credit: Noella Choi

We all know that there are a million things in life that go wrong every day. But this is a date, so leave your stress behind and don’t complain about work or friends or family. You’ll seem like a downer and not many people are impressed with someone’s ability to criticize. Keep complaints about things that don’t have to do with the date to yourself, and you’ll have a much better time.

7 Dress Well

Dress WellPhoto Credit: the workroom

It’s important to dress well on your first date, so leave the sweats and the tank top in your gym bag. Put some thought into dressing for your first date. Going to the movies? Wear a stellar pair of skinny jeans with a cute top and a pair of flats. Dinner? Pull out thatlittle black dress. Dress for the date and dress for the date well, your date will be impressed, I guarantee it.

8 Have Confidence

Have ConfidencePhoto Credit: Shelby Nycole of

Keep in mind that confidence is not the same thing as cockiness, but having confidence is really important. Show your date that you’re not only comfortable with who you are but you also love yourself. Don’t brag, but let him know that you’re great and you know it!

9 Think outside the Box:

Think outside the Box:Photo Credit: MicheKerr

Has your date left the date planning up to you? Then why do the same old cookie cutter thing and just go to the movies and then dinner? Why not impress your date with your ability to think of date activities that are outside the box? Take him to a planetarium not a movie. Plan a picnic, don’t take him to dinner, and he’ll be impressed, trust me.

10 Smile and Stay Positive:

Smile and Stay Positive:Photo Credit: marimoon

Nothing impresses a guy more than a girl that’s not dissuaded by adversity. So what if things aren’t going EXACTLY as planned! Have to wait a little longer than you expected for a table? Smile and think of a game to play while waiting. Your date will give you major kudos for not being a pouty baby!

These are my tips for your first date to make things go well and make yourguy begs for a second date. Follow these tips and I’m sure whoever your dating will be impressed. Did I leave anything out? Is there something you’re always impressed by? Let me know ladies!

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