10 Tips to Break the Ice with Someone New ...


10 Tips to Break the Ice with Someone New ...
10 Tips to Break the Ice with Someone New ...

At times, it can be frustrating to try and break the ice with someone new. The worst part of meeting someone for the first time or going on that first date is the awkwardness. Sometimes it's better to have a plan in mind . Well, I have some tips for you, so it is time to get that ice pick ready and break the ice!

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Choose the Right Activity

Choose the Right Activity Photo Credit: 'SeraphimC

The activity you choose should inspire conversation. I have found that plays, concerts, movies and anything else related is not the best choice simply because the two of you will be sitting there in silence. I think galleries, museums and festivals are the best places to inspire conversation.


Make Jokes

Make Jokes Photo Credit: Cisco Kid 71

It is fine to make jokes, just make sure it is not self-effacing humor. Avoid sitting there and making fun of other individuals. You should also avoid telling jokes about religious beliefs along with politics. If you are not comfortable with being funny, then just skip this one. It is important that you are comfortable and natural.


Show an Interest

Show an Interest Photo Credit: Matilde B.

When you’re trying to break the ice with someone new, it is important that you show an interest. Just make sure you are careful and don’t get too personal too quick. Some safe topics include work, hometowns, petsand music. I like asking questions that will show personality.


Have a Plan

Have a Plan Photo Credit: Kris Kros

You should always have a plan to fall back on. Have questions to draw out communication if necessary. As an example, be ready to ask “what are your top five favorite songs of all times?” or “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?” If you do not have a plan to fall back on, then you will end up sitting there in silence. Argh! No one likes silence!


Avoid Complaining

Avoid Complaining Photo Credit: Kylzaw Photography

No matter what you do, avoid complaining. Try to keep the conversation as positive as you possibly can. No one wants to date a whiner and this would definitely be a must avoid dating blooper.


Avoid Bragging

Avoid Bragging Photo Credit: moosebite

Just like no one likes a whiner especially on the first date, no one likes a braggart either. Sure, you may have been head of the cheerleading squad in high school, you may have won a medal, all the boys liked you but no one likes to hear you brag about those things.


Avoid Foul Language

Avoid Foul Language Photo Credit: Peter Kurdulija

Yes, you are an adult and you like to act like an adult. However, you should leave the adult language at home. Especially since you are trying to break the ice. You do not want to give the wrong impression. Besides, a girl talking dirty is not always a turn on.



Listen Photo Credit: khalid almasoud

When the date is talking, you should listen and respond in a way that shows that you have been listening. Let the date know that their thoughts and feelings mean a lot to you. Allow them to steer the conversation. At the same time, give your input. Don't just sit there listening quietly. Showing him that you genuinely care will not only break the ice but is bound to get you a second date.


Do Not Frown

Do Not Frown Photo Credit: Yasin Hassan ( ياسين حسن )

Frowning is not going to get you anywhere. I do not know about you, but when I see someone frown, it seems to me as if they are not paying attention or that they just don't care. Besides no one likeMiss Grumpy Puss. So turn that forwn upside down and smile!


Make Yourself Approachable

Make Yourself Approachable Photo Credit: For Ashlee

It is important that you make yourself approachable. Have that inviting look in your eyes. Be friendly. Smile. Maintain eye contact. Laugh at their jokes. Don't be too shy. I could go on and on. Baiscally be the kind of person you'd want to get to know.

Thankfully, breaking the ice has to be done only once (usually!). With these 10 easy to follow tips, you will be able to reach out to that new person easily. These are the 10 tips that I have personally used. Do you have any other advice? How do you break the ice when you meet someone new?

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this is sweet... im working on that lol

From my experiences the best way for me to break the ice is to walk up to someone and say "Hi! :) My name is September" It is amazing how often that works! :P

Good tips.. now if I could remember all of them. Somehow I just tend to make things awkward.

LOL! I remember that icebreakers commercial! If all fails, just whip that up =P my tip is just ask questions.. ppl love talking about themselves

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