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13 Tips on Talking Dirty the Right Way ...

By Melanie

It is a known fact that couples like talking dirty, and esepcially that men like to hear it! Are you lacking that dirty talk in your relationship and you would like to have it? Do you need to first know how to talk dirty without sounding out of place? If so, then you are going to enjoy these 13 tips on talking dirty the right way. These are 13 tips that I have personally put together just for those of you who are starting out…

13 Start Slow

If you are shy, then you can start out slowly. If you blush and giggle, then it is fine. You are the only two people in the room and it does not matter what anyone else thinks.

12 Whisper

Sit next to your partner and whisper in his or her ear. Tell them what you would like. Once you are comfortable with it, talk out loud and tell them what you want. If you need, take their hand and show them where you would like to be touched.

11 Learn the Tricks

When you are making love, request three or four things be done to you, but speak them louder. Be bossy if you need to!

10 Little Dirty Nothing

In order to ease into the dirty talk, tell your partner that you would like to whisper dirty nothings into their ear. The number of dirty nothings is two and he or she will need to do the same thing to you. Examples could be anything and everything from dirty do me all over to dirty do down. With dirty talk, the sky is the limit and this is a great game to get comfortable with.

9 Be Authentic

If you expect it to be what you have seen in movies, then dirty talk can feel a bit silly. Dirty talk is what you make it and in order to do it well, you will need to be yourself.

8 Find Your Dirty Talk Tone

You need to find a dirty talking voice and learn how to use it. The dirty talk could be high pitched squeals, rhythmic grunts or precise whispers. You do not need to use only one voice, you can surprise your partner and use different voices.

7 Expand Your Vocabulary

Many of you were raised not to say bad words. Dirty talk gives you the opportunity to have a foul mouth. Unless the role playing calls for it, you should avoid using those clinical terms such as “penis.” If you are at loss of words, then do your research on the Internet by reading some raunchy erotica.

6 Practice

You do not need to have your partner in front of you in order to do some dirty talking. Practice makes perfect and talking dirty is not an exception. I suggest you start talking dirty on your own as you are masturbating. Fantasize about having sex with your partner and talking dirty. You could start off by doing it in your head, but you should eventually speak out loud.

5 Establish Ground Rules

There are many reasons as to why couples do not talk dirty and one of those reasons is the fear of sounding silly or being rejected by a partner. It is important to set some rules. Rules are no laughing matter and there should be no judgment. During the heat of the moment, anything could come out of your mouth and your partner should respect you.

4 Start Slow

The first time you start talking dirty, you should start slow. By no means should you feel rushed. You could start by describing out loud what is going on during sex. Things such as “I love the way your hand feels when you put it on my…” or “That…feels great on/in my…”

3 Do Experiments with Your Voice

Most of you take for granted all of the things you are able to do with your voice. Experiment with your voice. Try different speeds.

2 Make It a Two Way Conversation

The dirty talk session should be a two way conversation. If you initiate dirty talking with your partner, then you should ask them to do the same thing.

1 Messenger

Even if you live in the same house, if you have two computers, then try getting on a messenger with each other. If you have never talked dirty to your partner, then initiate it over messenger to see where it goes.

My favorite is talking dirty over messenger as it is very easy to do. However, eventually, you should move forward to talking dirty out loud. It may seem a bit silly at first, but give it time and it will start to feel natural. Do you like talking dirty to your partner? Do you have any advice?

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