10 Tips on How to Fake an Orgasm ...


10 Tips on How to Fake an Orgasm ...
10 Tips on How to Fake an Orgasm ...

While I do not believe that you should fake an orgasm as it could lead to misunderstandings with your partner and make him think he is doing it right, when he really isn’t.

But if you really need to fake orgasm - for any reason - because you are running out of time, you have had a long day or you have already had one, you should try the following tips:

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Make Sure You Keep Your Eyes Closed

If you do not keep your eyes closed, you are never going to fool your sex partner.


Make an Occasional Gasp

It'll make him feel as if you are getting close to that big moment. A couple of gasps will fool him if you are not a big fan of noises in bed.


Incorporating a sudden intake of breath can ramp up the authenticity. This little trick tends to convey a feeling of being overwhelmed by pleasure, which can be very convincing. Remember, timing is key here; use it sparingly and at the right moment to capture the essence of a genuine climax. Just be cautious not to overdo it, as going overboard might just tip him off that your theatrics aren't as spontaneous as they seem. Keep it natural and spontaneous to maintain the illusion.


Panting Helps

Change your breathing pattern and start panting slightly. Instead of breathing normally, mix things up a bit by inhaling a couple of times, then exhaling once. You see, when you orgasm, the breathing has a tendency to come and go sporadically.


Grab the Sheets or Pillows

If he is looking at you and sees you reaching for something to hold onto, he will think that you are close to that magical moment.


Master the Moaning

Moan gently and slowly let your moans get louder and louder. You need to make the same noises you do during a real one in order to be convincing. Don’t let him know you even know how to fake orgasm!


If Talking...

Start saying something, then let your voice trail off. This will make him think you are caught up in the moment so much that you are not able to think straight.


As your voice fades, focus on maintaining a convincing facial expression. Allow your eyes to flutter or even close as if the sensation is overwhelming. A well-timed sigh can enhance the effect, suggesting a release of pent-up energy. Remember to keep your performance consistent with your partner's rhythm and intensity—if they slow down, your actions should similarly simmer down. Your body language, combined with the vocal cues, can paint a vivid picture without the need for over-the-top theatrics.


Allow Your Muscles to Spasm

Arch your back, scratch his back and curl your toes. Let him believe that you are losing control of your body.


Grab and Moan

While grabbing him tightly, give a really loud moan.


Let Him Know

Talk to him. Tell him that you are almost there.


Communicating with your partner is vital, even when putting on a show. Whisper in his ear with breathy enthusiasm. You could suggestively say things like "That feels amazing" or "Keep going, please." It's all about building the illusion of pleasure. Your words can expedite his belief in your enjoyment and bring the act to a timely close. Remember, your voice is a powerful tool—use it to moan, gasp, and let out those convincing little cries of delight that echo authenticity. Just be sure to keep it natural, avoid going over the top, and align your verbal cues with your body language for full effect.


At the End...

Smile, give a little giggle and let your body relax. Don’t forget to tell him how good it is! And go take a shower…

I know, why fake an orgasm when you could have a real one? But this is something that many girls need to know.

Sometimes, when a girl is too stressed out, it is merely impossible to fake an orgasm and they do not want to let the guy down.

These are ten tips on how to fake orgasm that will be sure to province that guy that he did a mighty good job at what he likes doing the best. What about you, have you ever had to fake it? Did the guy ever find out?

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For the women that say they cant have an orgasm ... This is because you don't practice enough .. 8) and you dont know how ... most Women arnt like Men. women need to masturbate and practice through trial and error .. learn what makes them orgasm.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Ok! I don't feel like laughing anymore cos suddenly "Don't put off the lights" the song is running in me head. :-/

Why would anyone try to fake an orgasm?? For me "because you are running out of time, you have had a long day or you have already had one!" are no argument. You have to be a pretty stupid person if you think you're gaining something out of this and that you HAVE to fake it. If you don't have an orgasm maybe it's because you're one of the almost 50% of women who can't reach orgasm only with penetration or you're partner doesn't know how to please you or you don't try to please yourself while he's inside you, etc. I think a woman NEVER has to fake it because it creates an illution, an idea of satisfaction that is completly fake an only leads to self frustration and misscomunication with your partner. Don't lie to yourself, don't lie to him. I think it would be more usefull to use the arguments I quouted to express why you didn't come. And then try to do something about it. There are hundreads of ways to came. Try them! Greetings from Argentina. Nice blog!

Some girls arnt pshically able to have an orgasm , and they fake it to make there men feel good about themselves . Even tho they can't o doesn't mean they don enjoy sex .

Hi Melanie! Interesting post.....I don't like to fake it, I just said the true always, that I don't have :)

> Still I have to say it!! I enjoyed reading this and had a good laugh! :)

I physically can not orgasm but my man does a pretty amazing job in bed, i probably would orgasm if i could so, i think its a good situation to fake it and let him know he's doing a top job ;)

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