Sex Addiction Not Just for Men ...


Sex Addiction Not Just for Men ...
Sex Addiction Not Just for Men ...

So there's been a spate of famous men** **who recently admitted to being sex and porn addicts – but have we really heard of any female celebs admitting to having a sexual addiction? Well, except for Lindsay Lohan.

There was this interesting article from the Sunday Times about how sex addiction is not just for men and how women are suffering the consequences of well, being nymphos.

That sex and, by extension, love are highly addictive is no longer up for debate. Comparative brain scans of the love-struck and cocaine-addicted show almost identical areas of brain activity. And, for the first time, people are starting to talk about sex addiction. Russell Brand has owned up to having treatment and David Duchovny recently outed himself as a sufferer.

- Sunday Times

And apparently, the number of sex addicts is on the rise. 30% of American women are coming in for treatment of sex addiction. So what's the cure if your purported to be a sex addict? What else but the 12-step program towards healing any addiction – and of course, therapy.

Uhmm, this is a quite-related college joke about sex addiction which I think is an appropriate way of ending this post, lol:

College Girl A: Yeaaah she dated a nympho.
College Girl B: Ahah really? ....WAIT. What's a nympho?
Boy: A sex addict.
Girl B: Oh. I thought it was a fish.
Girl A: Me too...

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I'm struggling with my husbands addiction to porn. I don't know if I have it in me to go through it again!

I feel that women are becoming more and more open/comfortable with their sexuality, and are expressing themsleves freely. While many stigmas still exist regarding a "sexually aggressive" woman, I feel that the tide is turning somewhat. Embrace your sexual prowess!

How to determine sex addiction?

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