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I have 8 tips for awesome oral sex. I think this fits right into good relationship advice, don’t you? *winks* Okay, so let’s break out with the tips so you can start pleasing your man!

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No Condom Needed

No Condom Needed Photo Credit: turning*turning

When you have oral sex, you do not need to have a condom on. In fact, I heard of some putting on condoms just to give oral sex. I guess that is why they have flavored condoms. Why would you do that? Having oral sex with no condom on will be a lot more stimulating and guys love it!


When it comes to oral sex, it is important to remember that it is not the same as vaginal or anal sex. There is no risk of pregnancy or any sexually transmitted diseases, so a condom is not necessary. However, it is still important to practice safe sex and use protection if either partner has any sexually transmitted infections. It is also important to be aware of the potential risks of oral sex, such as the transmission of herpes or other infections through saliva. While there are no flavored condoms specifically designed for oral sex, some flavored lubricants can be used to make the experience more enjoyable.


Go All out with Food

Go All out with Food Photo Credit: pieceoflace

Guys love it when they can watch a girl lick their penis. This is a big fantasy they have. Watching the girl lick honey or cream off of it is even better. Go all out with syrups, chocolate sauce, and creams. Most foods are safe to smear on the genitals, except for spicy ones. However, if you use condoms, be careful with oily foods, because oil can cause condoms to break.


Oral sex is a great way to spice up a sexual relationship, and can be a great way to add variety to a couple's sex life. While it can be intimidating for some, it can be an incredibly enjoyable experience for both partners. To ensure the best experience for both, here are some tips for awesome oral sex.

First, make sure to create a comfortable atmosphere. This means providing a safe and private space, free from distractions or judgement. Make sure to communicate with your partner about what they are comfortable with, and what they are not. This will help to ensure that the experience is enjoyable for both of you.

Second, get creative with food. Guys love it when they can watch a girl lick their penis. This is a big fantasy they have. Watching the girl lick honey or cream off of it is even better. Go all out with syrups, chocolate sauce, and creams. Most foods are safe to smear on the genitals, except for spicy ones. However, if you use condoms, be careful with oily foods, as oil can cause condoms to break.


Play with the Balls

Play with the Balls Photo Credit: Sara_Morrison

While you’re in the process, give some attention to the balls. Guys love it when you lick these too. Squeeze them gently with your hand – make him go crazy!

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Gently rolling the testicles in your hand can also add a layer of excitement. Use a light touch; imagine you're handling something delicate like a pair of ripe peaches. Your partner might also enjoy the sensation of your breath or a subtle lick in that area. And it's all about varied pressure – start soft, then gradually apply more, always gauging his reactions to ensure comfort. Interplay between soft touches and firm grips can tease and heighten his arousal to new levels. It's important to communicate and see what drives him wild.


Look into His Eyes

While you are down there, doing your thing, make sure you look up into his eyes. When you look up, you will surely see him looking down at you. Guys love to make eye contact when you’re doing things down there. Try it!


This intimate connection can take the heat up to the next level. It’s a moment that stirs both emotional and physical excitement. The unspoken communication can be incredibly arousing and intensify the moment. It’s like you’re telling him without words how much you enjoy pleasing him. But remember, only do this if you feel comfortable. It's about enjoying the experience together, so if making eye contact feels too intense, focus on what makes you both feel good.


Make Sure Your Tongue is Wet

Make Sure Your Tongue is Wet Photo Credit: fensterbme

Assuming that you are not using any type of lubricant, make sure your tongue is really wet. Don’t start off by going straight for the head, which is around the “good spot.” Start by licking the shaft, balls, and in between his legs. Tease a little and then slowly move up to the head and put it in your mouth.


Keep the excitement building by varying your technique and exploring different rhythms. It's important to gauge their response and adjust your movements accordingly—enthusiasm and attentiveness to their needs can significantly heighten the experience. It's also vital to stay hydrated; a dry mouth can put a damper on your performance. Take breaks to sip water if needed, ensuring your mouth stays moist and your strokes remain smooth. Remember, the goal is to create a pleasurable and memorable experience for both of you.


You Can Use Your Hand Too

You Can Use Your Hand Too Photo Credit: treehugger*

While you’re licking, don’t be afraid to use your hands as well. Giving a good blowjob will require you to use all of your resources. This includes your hands!


Incorporating hand movements can greatly enhance the experience for your partner. Gently stroke the base or play with their testicles while you focus your mouth on the tip. This extra stimulation can be delightful and lead to a more intense climax. Experiment with different pressures and rhythms to find out what they enjoy the most. Remember, communication is key - ask for feedback to make the experience as pleasurable as possible for them. Maintaining eye contact can also add an extra layer of intimacy to the moment.


Deep Throating

Deep Throating Photo Credit: alicemariedesign

Many girls are not able to do this, they gag as soon as it gets back there. I have no problem here. Take it in your mouth as far as you can without choking. Close your eyes and tell yourself that you are not going to choke as you slowly take it in. Once you have done this and got past your gag point, you’ll be good. The first time, you will more than likely gag. It takes practice.


To master this technique, relax your throat muscles as much as possible – it’s all about control and timing. Focus on your breathing, inhaling and exhaling steadily as you go. It can help to position yourself so you have the most control over the depth and speed; lying on your back with your head tilted off the bed often works for many. If you start to feel uncomfortable, just pause and try again. Remember, this is supposed to be enjoyable for both you and your partner, so never push yourself beyond what feels right.



Swallow Photo Credit: mlizzy

Why not? Cum is healthy for your teeth – plus it makes them shiny. I see nothing wrong with this. Guys love this and it is the perfect ending to awesome oral sex!

There you have 8 tips for awesome oral sex. Sometimes, I think guys like this better than actual intercourse, so, if you feel comfortable with it, don’t deprive him of it. So many girls say “ewww” and I just don’t get it – if he’s clean, then it’s all good. So, are you all for it?

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Maybe someday i will try with food :P. already try all, play with ball, let me put one another 1.

ok this may sound really silly but when you say ues your hand what do you mean ?

I just wanted to say that I love your posts :D You have my full support :D

Interesting comments for sure ladies but here's a few more tips. Press on his perineum the spot below his balls he will like that. Are insert a moist finger in his anus and feel for his walnut sized prostate gland then stroke it like call ing him to come to you with your finger. Now if that's Just to messy or disgusting for you then tap his anus with your finger and suck away. You'll drive him crazy for more and then some. Practice and have fun

You know..my young daughter and her friends like to look at this website..this kind of blog doesn't belong here. Stick to your regular stalks and leave this kind to adult sites.

isn't not using a condom dangerous ? what about STDs ?

I have a big problem, or at least i think it is. One i was giving my fiance a bj and i basically did it all licked it sucked it, massaged the tip with my tongue, licked and gently sucked balls and handjob a bit when i was busy with his nuts. I was really getting into it and i thought he was too up until i glanced up at him for the 5th time and he let out a loud snore :/ what to do???

got you point ;)

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