8 Things about Sex You Probably do Not Know ...


8 Things about Sex You Probably do Not Know ...
8 Things about Sex You Probably do Not Know ...

Sure, sex is human nature, but I am sure there are some things you do not know about it. Since I like facts, I am going to give you 8 things about sex you may not know . . .

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The Pubic Area during the Victorian Times

There was something strange about the pubic area during the Victorian ages. Oh yeah, “whores” wore pubic wigs! This was to hide the fact that they had shaved their pubic hair off in order to get rid of pubic lice. Wow, I wonder how much those pubic wigs were? No, I don’t want one, I’m just curious…like, how did they wear them? Do you think there was ever a case where the wig fell off during sex? Now, that would be hilarious!


Sex Helps Headaches

Sex Helps Headaches Photo Credit: aldoaldoz

Okay, so, you may not want to use the “I have a headache” excuse to get out of sex. This is because sex actually cures headaches! So, the next time you have a headache, instead of popping pills, you may just want to…have sex.


Impotence Causes Divorce?

Impotence Causes Divorce? Photo Credit: UnaBlasfema

In so many states, impotence causes divorce. I think this is sad. The guy cannot help that he cannot get it up and there are always other methods, such as Viagra or something like that. Does this mean that men should turn on their women anddivorce them when they go through menopause?


What Happens when a Female Orgasms?

What Happens when a Female Orgasms? Photo Credit: frazz46

When a female orgasms, endorphins are released. These are very powerful and good for the body. I think this is why the headaches go away after sex.


How Long Does a Man Last?

How Long Does a Man Last? Photo Credit: mozzercork

The average time a man lasts after penetration takes place is two minutes. Sure, some guys go longer and some guys can control it, but it’s a fact that it can happen after only two minutes. Harsh, right? Perhaps it’s time to read “ways to prevent premature ejaculation.” I might write that blog postnext week.


What Does “Old Joe” Really Mean?

What Does “Old Joe” Really Mean? Photo Credit: HAYWARD MACS

Have you ever heard the term “Old Joe.” Do you want to know what it means? This is the slang term that has been given to syphilis. I hope you don’t get the Old Joe! Never sleep with someone who has the Old Joe!


The Mouse is Pregnant – Now It’s Not

The Mouse is Pregnant – Now It’s Not When the female ratis pregnant and an unfamiliar partner comes up, it will immediately abort the fetus and then go into heat. Wow, now this is pretty strange.


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Photo Credit: dwinning

Yeah, what does Marilyn Monroe have to do with this? She was the biggest celebrated sex icon. Did you believe that she confessed to never have an orgasm? Many women never have orgasms and that’s horrible.

*7 Awesome Facts …

Okay, there you have 8 things about sex you did not know. Some of you probably already knew some of this stuff on here, but there are some newbies out there who don’t get to learn this stuff. So, I may write one of these blogs next week as well, if you like it. I have many funny facts about this subject. Okay, so do you like this topic? Should it keep getting published with different facts by me?

Top Photo Credit: Pharmacist.Mahairi

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It's on;y premature if he didnt want to finish.

hilarious!! I want to see the wig!! lmao

Pubic Wig??????ewe...Thanks for sharing those facts. Thanks to Maz also I always wondered about where the term came from.

more strange sex facts please!!

The pubic hair fact is so gross! But I love these facts, please do more?

Cleopetra of Egypt was the first to use any sex toy.

pubic wig?? they got those things in the past?! so funny..

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